Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Vacation 2009

The week before Christmas we went with my mom and stepdad, brother and girlfriend, step brother and wife and son to a cabin in Pigeon Forge.  We had a long weekend of rest, shopping, eating way too much, more rest and enough family bonding to last until at least next year (just kidding, momma, maybe...)
Since the main interstate has been closed for a while due to a rock slide, we found another route going.  It was a pretty short drive through the curvy roads of Madison County, but I am glad we were driving at night or I am sure I would have had to puke every few miles.

It rained most of the day on Friday
turning into snow later that day!

See the snow on my shirt!

Ben could have stayed in here all weekend.  Funny how one bubble turns into a million

Because of the snow, we had to take the longer DOT route through Johnson City.  Through that area, they had gotten about 2 feet of snow on Friday and it was still there as we came through on Sunday.  The sides of the roads were still covered in snow, there were hundreds of stranded cars and it was still sleeting and very cold.  We had to drive slow, but we finally made it home with a mental note not to go this way during the winter again.

The roads towards Bristol.

The side of the road and the mountains.

Daddy concentrating on the road.

Ben's Christmas Program 2009

Ben had his Christmas Program on December 12.  In the past, he has been a little ham on stage.  This year was a little disappointing because his 3 year old class performed with the 4 year old class and so Ben's age did not have as big of a part as in the past.  I know that the 4s are the oldest, but I think the presentation should have been divided so that Ben's age had a big part.  Oh well, we will get that next year (oh my he will be 4 soon). The pictures are not great because that was the first time I had used my new camera (got it the night before) so was not really sure about things.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

THOUGHTS by Ben Lineberry

Ben never ceases to amaze me.  He is so smart and has such a great sense of humor.  His personality has really developed and he is totally loveable by all.  Here are some recent conversations with him.

I truly believe that my Papa Eddie is Ben's guardian angel.  He died a year ago and Ben still vividly remembers him and talks about him daily.  The other day we were coming down the road and Ben was looking at the clouds.  He said " I see Papa Eddie"
I said "Well, kinda, he is in the sky with Jesus."
"No", Ben said, "He is looking at me from that cloud, see right there"
I said, "Well, he is also in your heart"
I, of course, could not see since it was on the other side of the car and I was driving, but I believe that Ben saw what he saw.

A few nights later, Ben and I were laying on the bed watching a movie
Ben rolled over and said "I do not want Big B to die" and started to cry
It caught me way off guard and I said "What did you say"
He repeated himself.
I said "Why do you think Big B will die, baby"
Ben said, "Because he is old."
By this time, he was really crying and I was too (call it hormones or whatever, but I am really weepy lately)
Me:  Everyone gets older, but that does not mean we will die (was not ready to discuss dying with my 3 year old at this point)
Ben:  I do not want Big B in my heart and I do not want to die either

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Super Excited About Christmas

I have always been giddy at the sights and sounds of Christmas, and this year is no exception.  I am hoping to have all the shopping done by next weekend so that we can enjoy the holidays.  This will be our last year celebrating in this house, and while I am beyond excited about moving, it will be sad.  This will also be Ben's last Christmas as an only child and I want him to experience all that he can.
So far, Ben's favorite song is "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth".  Even though, Ben still has his front teeth, it is still cute and funny to hear him say "my 2 front teef".  He has also learned the words to "I'm getting nuttin for Christmas".  Probably because I taunt him with it at least 1x a day, but hey, whatever works.
In baby news, all tests have come back negative for any known defects.  I was not going to test, but since I apparently am in "advanced maternal age", my doctor strongly recommended it.  It would not have made a difference, but good to know.  We will finally know what we are having on December 10.  Not sure how and when we will tell everyone else, but...  I have no clues on names.  All the names I like do not go with our last name or Ben (example:  I love the name Harper for a little girl, but everyone will think I love Ben Harper, the singer).  He/she might not have a name until the last minute, but I guess that is when it really matters anyway.
I hope everyone has a Great Thanksgiving.  I seem to be spending it with ALOT of Benji's family and very little of mine, but that is more reason to get on home and get the tree up.  :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Mommy's back!!!

Thank goodness, that I am finally feeling human again.  This pregnancy has left me feeling anything but pretty and energized, but I think the bad days ( or 13 weeks) are behind me.  Thank goodness this was not like the pregnancy with Ben or he would definately be an only child.  Let's Compare...

Pregnant with Ben
Found out at 4 weeks
little nauseas, but was treated with sea bands and cold coke
Craved meat, meat and more meat (very unlike me)
Could eat or drink anything (except spaghetti)
mild heartburn
no headaches
no acne
LOVED being pregnant

This pregnant
no appetite whatsoever
STRONG gag reflex
all day nausea, no cure
On Zofran to help the nausea, which caused headaches and constipation (TMI)
BAD Headaches
Very Moody
Not really enjoying anything
complexion of a teenager
Was on progesterone for first trimester

I will add to the list as I think about things.  Anyway, I am very thankful for the blessing that will be next (and last) Lineberry.  We have a house to build and a baby to cook in the next few months and are looking forward to the Spring.  We should be able to find out what we are having in the next few weeks.  What do you think???

Halloween 2009

Halloween Party in Gaffney

Ben and Shelby with their painted pumpkins

Close up of Ben and Shelby and their pumpkins

Ben and his "scarecrows"

Bat Ben

Ben and his Mema

This year we had a great Halloween season.  We decorated the house (without anything scary, per Ben), he visited the pumpkin patch with his class, painted pumpkins with the neighbor, and Ben attended his first official Halloween party and trick or treating extravaganza.  We went trick or treating with some friends in downtown Gaffney.  Ben loved it and got lots of stuff.  We got wet on the way back in, but still had lots of fun!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Official...

Ben is going to be a Big Brother!!!!  We have made it to 12 weeks and feel that we are safe to make the announcement.  Funny thing is this baby is due on Ben's Birthday (April 25), but thanks to a C-Section, they will not share the same day.
We have known since I was 3.5 weeks, but there were some discrepencies in what I should have been based on my last period and what the Ultrasound was showing.  It seems to have worked itself out, and here we are.
Thanks to all you patient people who have been guessing and begging me for more exciting news.
The next post I will be sharing how this pregnancy is TOTALLY different from the last one and how I am glad that this will be the last one (not because I do not love babies, but because apparently my body believes I am too old already).

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'll take you for a ride on my big green tractor

Reminders of Summer

Eating breakfast at the airport to watch Grandma Pat's plane leave
Take Grandma Pat and Papa Sidney to the airport
Fourth of July Fireworks with Papa Randy

Our House

The Little House on the Prairie

We have been planning on building for a long time now. In the last few months, it has become more apparent that we are closer than ever to having our house. We have been very fortunate to have a place to live, but we outgrew it sometime ago. We knew when this time came that it was not going to be as simple as buying a house, because we have land that we wanted to use. There is a lot that goes into building a house and after interviewing the builders, finalizing the plans and going to the bank, we are SOOOO EXCITED to get started.

The Outside

The Inside

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Recent Happenings

I have fallen behind on my blogging. I am still nosy and read everybody else's, but have not been taking the time to write about Ben. Maybe it is because my job working with the unemployed when the local unemployment rate is 12% is exhausting or maybe it is because I would rather be dreaming about the house we are building and plotting the bank that I may have to rob in order to get the funds. Ben is always doing fun things and I am trying to keep up with it all, but wow!
Anyway, here are a few recent pictures. Last weekend, I got to spend some time with my Bff's and their 2 fabulous kids. Christi, Kevin and I have been friends since high school and I like to think that I contributed to the two of them finally getting together :) Kaleb is 4 and Olivia will be 1 in September and we had a great time cooking out and laughing.

Miss Olivia


Monkey See, Monkey Do

Christi and I. (i think Kevin must have Photoshopped in my muffin top :))

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I will kiss all your booboos, almost!

Ben will be embarassed when he is old enough to appreciate the following story.
A few nights ago, Ben needed to go to the potty. He usually goes downstairs where the seat lid stays up for his use. This particular night he wanted to use the one in our bedroom. I told him to go ahead since I was getting his stuff ready for bed. A few minutes later I heard this loud scream and he came running to me with he pants around his ankles. I immediately grabbed him up and went back into the bathroom in order to see what happened. Apparently, Ben went to put the lid up and about the time he started to pee, the lid fell back down. Yes... I started to look at it and make sure that we were not going to have to take at trip to the ER. Thank goodness, the lid landed more on his skin than on his wee wee (:), but it was red and I know that it hurt. I told him that I would put some neosporin on it since Ben knows that it does not burn. Instead he asked me, in that sweet little innocent voice of his, if I could kiss it because he had a Boo Boo. Benji had ran up the stairs when he heard Ben scream and then had to leave the room because he was laughing so hard. I politely told him that mommy could not kiss this boo boo but I was sure that the medicine would help. :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random Pictures

Apparently, Marcus is snapping pictures even when I do not realize it. Thanks to him, we have lots of great pictures. Here are a few from the last month or so.

Danny made Ben a fishing rod with a stick and some line. Ben was fine with it and caught lots of "fish"

I think he might have realized it was not a real one.

Ben blowing bubbles

Ben gagging, and eventually throwing up his dinner, because he got bubbles in his mouth.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Carly's rant

So, of course the news all over the country today revolved around the Governor's mysterious trip and his affair. For most of us, we said he was having affair starting Monday when they said he was missing. So, here is my question, why do the men who have fabulous kids, a fabulous wife, a job (it might be stressful but it is better than not having one) and seem to be happy feel the need to have just a little bit more...then a little bit more. In the last few years, I know several guys (we will not call them real men) who seriously had it all, but seemed to think the grass might be a little greener on the other side and decided to stray. These are married adults whose wives are great and overall were happy, but for some reason found someone else to satisfy all their sexual "needs". Yes, most of them were all caught and for most of them their wives have decided to try and make it work. I am just concerned with the loss of old fashion values and morals. No one is perfect and no marriage is perfect, but when you say your vows, aren't you committing to that person forever. Not until things get tough or something better comes along, but forever. Sure it takes work by both parties, sometimes hard work, but a little hard work has never killed anyone. Things are not supposed to come too easy. If after trying everything, then get a divorce. They are costly... and final. No more sorry excuses of why you were there or why you bought this or why there was a "phone number I have never heard of" on your phone. Cut ties and move on. Believe me, it is better for the kids to live apart than live a lie. It took my parents 18 years and years of lies to finally end things and that was after lie after lie was made to make one look better than the other. Such childish drama. I know that I have many faults, but I will always be loyal to the ones I love. But I know sometimes that it is not enough!!
I put a little rant on my facebook and was reminded that he is like all others, a sinner saved by grace. That is great, hopefully he is saved and will walk through the Pearly Gates when he dies. But what happens to him now?? What about his family?? Do people not care because they are so selfish and self absorbed and know they can do now and repent later??
I guess I just need to tell me that this world is truly not going to hell in a handbasket and that there is hope. That all people are not all bad and that there is hope for optimists like me.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Griswald, I mean Lineberry, family Vacation 2009

Every year, we go with Benji's parents to the beach. This year it was extra nice because Angie, my future sister in law, and her fabulous kids went with us. It truly was a week of relaxation. No alarm clocks, no schedules, just doing what we wanted when we wanted.

The view from our porch. We have stayed at this particular house in Ocean Lakes before. We love it because the 2 porches hang over the lake and it is fun to fish and watch the ducks.

Ben and Benji on the golf cart.

Ben loved going to the arcade. Even though, he technically could only play a few games, he thought he was a big kid. Here he is "playing" the shoot the ducks game.

Benji and Ben in the pool

Benji and I at Margaritaville

We had date night on Thursday. Here is my brother in law, Marcus and my future sister in law Angie, at Margaritaville.

We decided to eat a Margaritaville the same night that we were going to Croccodile Rocks, my all time favorite bar. Even though none of us are Jimmy Buffet fans, it seemed like a cool place. We got there at 415 and were told that it would be a 2 hour wait. We knew that we wanted to be at Croccodile Rocks by 7, but we put our name down anyway. We then discovered that the back porch area is first come first served, and walked and waited in that line. We had a table in less than 45 minutes. It was a pretty fun place. There were lots of activities for the kids and Buffet music pouring from the speakers. One of the neat things was this giant Hurricane that came from the ceiling everytime the song "Hurricane" was played. A giant Tequila bottle came from the hurricane and poured into this huge blender. I wanted a picture but there were too may people. The food was okay, but our service and strawberry margueritas were awesome. Pretty sure it would not have been worth the 2 hour wait, but not bad with the 45 minute.

Man on stilts who made balloon creatures

A picture from our seats at Croccodile Rocks. This is a dueling piano bar, that is actually pretty raunchy, but totally fun.

Ben and the kids stayed with Big B and Nana and played putt putt and got ice cream. I will post those pictures as soon as I get them.

One night we all went to Family Kingdom. When I was younger, FK was kinda the baebae Pavillion and we never went there. Well, it has really taken off since the Pavillion has been torn down. There is no admission charge, you only pay to ride rides. The games are affordable, I spent $10.00 and Ben won 4 prizes, and the kids had a blast.

Ben and the Pick a Duck game. He won a frog.

Ben and the fishing game. He won 2 dinosaurs and a lobster.

Benji, Ben and Morgan on the Antique cars. Yes, Benji looks way happy!

Ben and Morgan

Ben and I on the Merry Go Round. Ben said the horses go too fast and he just wanted to sit on the bench. That was fine with me, since apparently I get motion sickness now.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Look out Chad Smith,

You might soon have a replacement.  Our friends, PA and Trevor, own a fabulous music store in Boiling Springs.  If you are ever in need for equipment or supplies, definately see them first.  Today they sponsored a customer appreciation day type celebration and had bands playing in the parking lot.  Our friend, John, (who happens to be the father of one special lady in Ben's life, Sidney) was playing with his new band so we went to check them out.  We had a lot of fun.  Ben wanted to play inside the whole time because he was able to rock out on a great set of drums.  

He liked these first, since they were green.  He practiced a little, but there was no stool.  

He watched Sidney play.

Sidney handing the sticks to Ben

Telling daddy that he can do it by himself

Our own little prodigy

I tried to upload a video, but it takes too long.  Maybe later.