Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day! (It really is a historic day)

Look, daddy.  It really snowed!

Ben and Daddy getting ready for the Arctic!

Run, Run as fast as you can...

There is even some snow over here in the bushes

This would be fun if I could see...

Yo, word up, Yo!

Random Pictures I finally took off the camera :)

Here are some random pictures of Ben and the family from Christmas on.

Papa Randy giving Ben his present, a fishing rod!  Not sure how in the world Ben is going to use the big thing, but he loved it anyway!

Ben trying out Scott's Clemson bean bag and helmet!! 

Back- Sidney (my step dad), Pat (my momma) and Mike (momma's brother)
Front- My mema, Debbie (Mike's wife)

Ben went with my mom to Charleston after Christmas to see my grandpa.  Here is Ben playing in the bird feeder.

Ben and Grandpa Harry (momma's dad)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I figured you were tired of the Christmas stuff...

Not much has been going on lately.  Working (alot) and spending some quality time with my 2 favorite guys.  I am still on the "diet", but seem to only be losing in the exact spot where I would prefer not to lose any.  Do they make exercises for firm and perky bust? So far, Benji and I have made good on our resolution to get back in church.  We have been going to his home church where he has been a member and are really enjoying it.  They have a new, young preacher who has really been able to pack the pews on Sundays.  Ben enjoys seeing his Nana play the piano, Benji enjoys seeing all his childhood friends and their families, and I enjoy getting back involved in church and what all having that "involvement" offers.  I felt like I have been really far from what God has wanted for my life and am trying to get us all back there as a family.  
I am going to be starting a "new"position at work.  It's is not really new, but I will heading up a new project at the Middle Tyger Community Center back in my old stomping grounds in Lyman. It will be neat to see how the community has grown in the last 15 years and use my organization to help people.  I will be going there 1 day at week right now, so I am looking forward to something difference and the challenge of proving myself :)
Benji has started working out at work with a co-worker, and I think that my husband has taken a liking to yoga and pilates.  I wish I was a fly on the wall when they start their yoga stretches in the break room.  I think I will buy him a spandex unitard and head band soon.  
Well, I am off to play Princess Leia with Ben and his arsenal of Star War toys.  I am looking forward to a long weekend and a date with my husband on Saturday.  

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008 Part 5 Christmas Day night

Uncle Marcus and Ben as Santa's helpers!

He first opened the big pirate ship that he loved!!!

Then he opened the big Batman castle that he also loved!

Daddy opened his new Wii lightsaber game with real lightsabers and Ben decided that he also loved that!

Of course, the favorite (and cheapest) was the box which made him a robot!

We have actual photos of Santa coming down the chimney and bringing presents to Big B's house.  I will show proof that Santa does exist as soon as I get the pictures.  

Christmas 2008 Part 4 Christmas Day

Ben, get up, Santa has been here!  (note to self: do not let child sleep in pull-ups)
All Ben's loot from Santa (minus the white reindeer with the big ears who barks who just wanted to be in the picture)
Ben's favorite thing.  It only took Mr. and Mrs. Clause 2 and 1/2 hours to put together.  (another note to self:  read instructions and reviews before Christmas Eve)
All his Star Wars stuff