Sunday, November 30, 2008

What a weekend!

We had a great 4 days of eating, sleeping, shopping, decorating, cleaning, and pretty much doing whatever we have felt like. We are so routine driven around here, so for once it was nice to sleep in and stay up late (just ask Ben).  I dread going back to work tomorrow, but only a few more weeks until I am off again for Christmas. :)
Thanksgiving was spent with the Lineberry's.  My mema came along with my brother and Sherri and Ben had a blast showing them all his stuff at Big B's house.  We had a great lunch and a great nap afterwards.  We came home and decorated the Christmas tree and watched some cartoons. Friday we did a whole lot of nothing, including staying in our pajamas until getting ready to go see Disney on Ice.  I was going to attempt some bargain shopping, but no good deal was worth actually showering early and putting on clothes :) 
We took Ben to Disney World last year, and will not be going back until sometime next year so, we did the next best thing, we took him to see Disney On Ice.  I was pretty convinced it was going to be cheesy, but it was actually pretty good.  The characters were entertaining and the skaters were talented.

Mickey and friends

Nana, Big B, and Ben

Ben eyeing the kid's sword behind us

They performed scenes from The Lion King,

 Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch, and Peter Pan.  Peter Pan was Ben's favorite part because of the pirates and the ship.  

Tinkerbell is my favorite!!

Saturday we watched the Tigers eat some chicken from the warmth of our house.  My brother and a family friend took Benji's and my place.  We yelled and screamed in the comforts of home.  I then attempted to take Ben and Benji shopping with me, but that only lasted about 2 hours and 1 yet seemingly long tantrum by Ben.  We hurried home just in time for the Y & R marathon.  
Days off always go by so quickly, but it was fun to spend some time with my 2 favorite boys.  

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving!!! This year sure has flown by and I have a lot to be thankful for!

1. Ben
I always imagined what my child would be like one day and how I would be as a mother. I knew that the idea of being a mother sounded exciting, but I was never totally sure I could handle actually being a mother. That quickly changed when Ben was born and my love grows for him more and more every day. There are some rough days, when he is not listening or refuses to do what he is asked, but I know where he gets his stubborness and hard head from, so I accept and deal with it. He is healthy, very smart, witty, handsome and charming. I am so blessed that God chose me to be his mommy!

2. Benji
I wondered after 5 years of dating whether marriage to each other was going to happen or even was supposed to happen. However, we have just completed our 5th year of marriage and I can say that I truly married my best friend. We are both super head strong and opinionated, but usually about the same things. We have had out trying moments and he can drive me crazy at times (I am sure he will say I do the same to him), yet somehow it feels right and works. So many people I know have had to deal with adultery and are in a not so happy marriage. Marriage is always some compromise, but honesty and communication is a huge part in it and thankfully Benji has taught me a lot about the communication.

3. My immediate and extended family
I have the best mom in the world!!!! I also have a great dad, mema, and in-laws. Without these people, I would not be in the place I am now.

4. My friends, both old and new
In the last few years, I have gained some great new friends, lost some friends, and reconnected with friends from years ago. For all these friends, I am thankful. You have been placed in my life for a specific purpose and I am grateful. As I have gotten older, I am fortunate to have a few very close friends with whom I share everything and who know both the good and bad of me. I enjoy being around my friends, who always make me laugh.

5. Life Lessons
This encompasses so much, but I am thankful that I able to grow and learn each and everyday. What a great country we live in to be able to have so many experiences. They might not seem like much at first, but there is always a meaning behind them.

6. A job
Working with unemployed people makes me realize how thankful I am where I am and that I have a job. Many days, my job is stressful and aggravating, but it is also rewarding when I can help make a difference in someone's life. I enjoy what I do and that is a great thing!

There are many more things that I am thankful for, but I am not going to post them all on here.
For now, I am looking forward to the following this weekend:

1. Being off- my house is a mess and really needs a good cleaning
2. Thanksgiving lunch with my family and Benji's
3. Decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping presents, and reading Christmas books with Ben
4. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade- A family tradition to watch even though now it is more commericals and annoying commentators than anything else.
5. Maybe venturing out for some shopping on Friday. I have not finished my shopping, but I am sure that then is not the time to do it. I do like the excitment of the season, though.
6. Watching the Tigers pull off an exciting win over the Lamecocks. We have tickets and could be watching the game in person. However, I have so much to do and so little time, that we are making some tailgate food, some adult beverages, and watching the game at home.
7. We are also taking Ben to Disney On Ice at the Bilo Center on Friday. I think Ben will enjoy it, but honestly it is more for me. I am a sucker for Disney, bright lights, loud music and overpriced tickets.
Anyway, I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sad Day

At one point, not so long ago I could say that I was almost 29 and had all my grandparents living.  Yes, my mom's mom (mema) and step-dad (although he was never a step), my dad's mom and dad and my mom's dad and step-mom.  I was the first grandchild on all 3 sides and had spent a great deal of time as a kid with my grandparents.  I was very lucky to have spent so much time with them and Ben was even luckier to meet all of them (his great grandparents).  Not long after that realization, my grandmother (MEME) died.  She had suffered a major stroke 2 years earlier and never fully recovered.  She died in September 2006.  3 months later her husband (Papa Bill) died.  He had congestive heart failure, but I am sure it was loneliness.  
In May, 2008 my step grandmother died.  She lived in Charleston and we never saw them much, but...
Well,I just returned from the funeral of my Papa Eddie.  He blessed everyone he met for almost 99 years.  Even though he technically was no blood relation, he treated us better than most.  I remember years ago before he had cataracts, he had this little red truck.  He would take me wherever I wanted to go and do whatever I wanted to do, and never complained.  I can remember my brother "fixing" the coffee table with his tools one day.  A few days later, Papa went to move the table and the whole thing fell to the ground because Scott had taken the legs off.  Papa just laughed.  He was never able to have kids of his own but you would never know we were not really his grandkids.  I remember all the times we would go out to dinner and Papa would remind the waitresses (many times) not to fry his chicken fingers too dark and how he always wanted water, straight from the spigot and with no ice, to drink. He was the only person I knew who ate his hamburgers pink (very pink) and only my mom could grill them.  He said that all the fish he ate earlier in life led to his memory and knowledge.    Benji and I would always his laugh because he loved his Members Only jacket and had several colors.  Nobody else we knew still wore them, but Papa always had his on.  He always let the kids ride the lawn mower and whatever he had was yours.  He made my Mema happy and made all of us smile.  He had some great stories and lived through so many changes in this world in his lifetime.  
Papa, we love and miss you!!!

Early 2007

Last Christmas

Papa was still being Ben's horse up until a few months ago!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Funny Stories

One of Ben's many obsessions is with pirates.  The other night we are all eating at a restaurant and Ben was sitting on the end facing the door.  I just happened to look up towards the door and I saw a man coming in with an eye patch.  I chuckled to myself because I knew what was going to happen next.  
Ben:  "Look, mommy a pirate!" as he pointed and stared at the man.
Thank goodness the man did not hear Ben, although he seemed like a nice man and probably would have had a laugh also.  

Ben was riding in the car with Big B and Nana the other day and listening to their conversation.  Big B mentioned that he did not know something had moved and said "Well, I be dog-gone.  
Ben asked "where that puppy go??

I bought a new Christmas CD the other day and decided to play it in the car coming home tonight.  As I was listening to the songs, I quickly realized that apparently I had bought one without words and it was all Symphony/Instrumental.  I said to Benji, in a very low voice, that I was going to have to get another one since there were no words.
Ben, halfway asleep in the back seat, perked up to ask "where's the words?  I do not like songs with no words".
Nothing gets by him!
I swear Ben is the funniest 2 year old I know.  I wonder where he gets his humor from???!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I am stubborn and hard headed and I cannot do it alone...

So, my pride is going by the wayside and I (along with some co-workers) am joining Weight Watchers this week. Hating to admit all the weight I have gained and hating even more the looks in some of the pictures (there are reason why I post few of me on here), I have decided to suck it up and admit that I cannot and have not done it by myself. Sure there are purely vain reasons on why I should drop a few lbs, but I am looking at the miscarriage as a sign. I told my doctor this summer at my routine check up that I wanted to lose 50 pounds. We both agreed that was a good goal so that I could control my blood pressure (which has been on the rise) and my diabetes (trying to control before a full blown diagnosis). Both of these were important to control before I get pregnant again. I may not know what caused the MC, but I am taking it as a sign from the Great One himself and that taking care of me needs to be a priority.
I am mentioning all this because I need to be held accountable. We are all going to the meetings together and will have a little friendly competition. It will be great to see who loses the most. It will be hard with the holidays coming up ( I am craving my momma's Party Mix as I type), but will keep in mind that moderation is the key. We are also going to start walking and I will be using my Wii Fit on a daily basis.
I am tempted to post some Pre Pictures on here just for more fuel, but that is depressing. Most readers see me anyway, so you know how I look.
Wish me luck!!! Amy suggestions, ideas, comments are appreciated!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Some Halloween fun

Since we had celebrated Halloween week with a party on Saturday, Trunk or Treat on Wednesday, and a party and parade on Friday morning, needless to say, we (benji and I), were candied out by Halloween night.  We decided to take advantage of possible the last year when Ben did not ask to go trick or treating and remain low key.  We started out at Publix.  

They had early trick or treating with lots of candy, cookies, and coloring pages.  Employees were dressed up and Ben had a great time getting to walk through the store and pick out his candy. 
 After that, we drove to the westside of town to go see the great grandparents.  First stop was Grandma Sara's house.  She is Benji's grandmother.  She was waiting patiently for Captain Ben to arrive and gave lots of candy, prizes and hugs.  We stayed there for a few minutes, because Ben said that he "needed" a cookie and to rest.  Then we went to Great Grandparents Polly and Eddie, my grandparents.  Here, Uncle Scott and Papa Randy met up with us for Captain Ben's instructions.  More candy, more treats, and lots more hugs.  
We were able to get home by 10 and Ben only managed to eat 1 sucker, 1 cookie, and 1 pack of fruit snacks.  Thank goodness he was worn out and went straight to bed.  The remainder of his candy is hiding and hopefully I can find something constructive to do with it.  

Ben showing the neighbors his pirate face!

Taking a break at Grandma Sara's

Eating some fruit snacks.  His only "candy choice"

Benji playing with the fake alligator from Mema Polly

We had a great Halloween.  Ben was so excited to be a pirate, and it was fun to watch him.  
Now, that it is over...out with the Christmas music ;)

A reminder why I will be ok!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rough Weekend

I will post pictures from Halloween soon!  We had a great time, and have enough candy to feed all the kids in the neighborhood.  
Today, however, is not a good day.  I had some cramping last night, but blamed it on indigestion and the pot luck lunch we had at work.  Every since I found I was pregnant, I have told Benji and my BFF that something felt "weird", but I did not think it was anything to worry about yet.  I had an appointment with my doctor scheduled for this week and was planning on talking to him about it.  Well, this morning I woke up to bleeding.  Had I not known that I was pregnant, I would have thought my period was starting.  It was light at first so I called my BFF, who is also a nurse, and casually mentioned to her that I would not be able to go to a baby shower today and told her how I was feeling.  After speaking with her, I decided to call the on call doctor and see what I should do.  They told me to go to Labor and Delivery and be checked.  I was admitted to the hospital where things seemed to get worse.  By this time, I was bleeding very bad and cramping worse than ever.  I layed there waiting for the doctor and knew what was happening.  After a test, she confirmed that I was miscarrying.  My options were come home and pass the tissue for several days or since I was already dilated to have a D&C while I was there, in order to rid my body of the tissues.  There was no way I was going to come home and watch the tissues pass, so I decided to go ahead with the procedure.  Dr. K (who I have only see one time) was so supportive and she held my hand and rubbed my back while I cried!  Thank goodness she was on call.  So the D&C was performed and now I am back home.  I just want to hug Ben and be thankful for him, but he will be spending the evening away, just in case!
Thank you all for your thoughts and well wishes before!  I normally do not share personal information like this with the world, but it does feel better to put it in words.  We will be ok, I am sometimes stronger than I ever think, and we will get through this.