Friday, January 22, 2010

Apparently baby girl is super sweet

As mommy has gestational diabetes.  I have always been borderline and considering both my parents and grandfathers are (were) diabetic,  I guess things could be worse.  This entire pregnancy I have craved sweets, but once I ate them, I had this terrible taste in my mouth and felt bad.  On the day of my 1 hour test, I did not know that I would be taking the test, but since I had skipped supper the night before (still queasy) and had not yet had breakfast, I knew there was no way I could fail.  WRONG!!!  I really failed (think macro economics in college fail).  They sent for the 3 hour test a few days later.  I followed the diet that was prescribed and felt confident that the drs made a mistake and that I was fine.  WRONG again!!!  Apparently, I (we) wake up sweet and nothing much wants to make me less.  So here I am, after meeting with the diabetes educator and dietician,  the proud owner of 1 glucose machine and lots of needles and testing strips, and one who must check their sugar 4 x a day, watch my diet and document everything.  It is fun!  Hopefully, this will end when baby girl arrives into the work on or around April 13, 2010.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

House Building

Unfortunately, I have no pictures to show right now, but the ground has been broken on the Lineberry Cottage.  Our builder started right around Christmas, hoping for some dry and warmer weather.  Well, after getting about 4 trucks stuck, we have a partial driveway (will be complete when house is done), a concrete pad and the beginnings of a foundation.  We also, apparently, have something many people are willing to buy because there have numerous calls and ride bys from people inquiring about the property.  We have Duke Power coming out next week for some power.  We REALLY need some dryer and WARMER days to get a good start on this house, so if there is anything you can do we would greatly appreciate it.
My plan, and dream, is to be able to move in while I am out on maternity leave.

UPDATE- We have a few pictures

Builder's sign at the end of the driveway.  Not sure why people mistake this for a For Sale sign.

The beginning of the looonnnnggg driveway

Still on the drive but almost to the house


Not sure, but it looks important

The view from where the garage will be.

We are having a...

Girl.  I know most of you know by now, but I am behind on posting.  :)  We found on Dec 10 that we will be having a little girl to complete our family around the middle of April.  We are excited, but I must admit that I am a little nervous.  I get more excited each day though.
I am still feeling bad, probably because I flunked my 1 hour glucose testing reminding me that my sugar levels are elevated this pregnancy and could be the culprit of my sickness.  I have to go on Wednesday to take the 3 hour and am not looking forward to that at all.  I have been borderline diabetic while not pregnant and diabetes is rampant in my family.  I thought that by denying the fact, it would go away.  Anyway, reality is that I have to have it taken care of.

Day after Christmas

One of the "great" things about having divorced parents and being married is the stretching out of Christmas into the entire week.  Here we are the weekend after Christmas at my Mema's with my mother, step father, brother, his girlfriend and aunt and uncle.

Excited to know that his present was too big to wrap in regular paper.

We should have just bought him the oversized tree bag.

Christmas Day 2009

Ben helping Uncle Marcus take a nap

Santa also came to Big B and Nanna's house.  He brought his tank there.

Brief pause from exploring all the presents for his to take a picture

Ben and his fire station

Later that evening, we headed to my dads to spend Christmas with him and my brother

Ben opening a present from Scott and Sherri

Ben, disguised as a builder.  Or so he said.

Christmas 2009

Ben on Christmas Eve

Ben and Daddy on Christmas Eve

Ben and I putting out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer

Ben on Christmas Morning

Ben's Loot (from Santa)