Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just some cute pics

Ben and Reese watching SPROUT

Reese sitting in the chair

Reese and I getting ready for her 6 month dinner 

We're Back...

Yeah for Verizon and super yeah for internet!!  I finally broken down and got the Internet mobile hotspot.  It was the best option for us country folk.  I plan to do better on this blog now, so that I can update Reese's stats.
At her 6 month checkup (a month ago), she got 3 shots.  She weighed 16 pounds and was 23.5 inches.  Doctor said that she was no longer considered a preemie and was meeting all developmental milestones except sitting on her own.  She also had no teeth, which Ben started getting in at 4 months.  She has really been teething though so I know it will be coming in any time.  She seriously is the happiest baby I have ever met.  She cries only when she is super hungry or super sleepy.  The rest of her day is spent smiling and laughing.  Her bright blue eyes light up at familiar faces and she literally laughs out loud at ben.  She started rolling over at about 5.5 months and also started the DADADADADA.  Benji is loving it and Ben and I are trying to get her to say Momma and Ben.