Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ben's 1 skating party

I remember loving skating as a child.  I was never afraid to skate as fast as I could and was actually pretty good at it.  Well, fast forward approximately 25 years.  I could barely stand up in the skates, much less skate.  It did not take me long to realize that it is a longer and harder fall, I could possibly break something really important, and my full attention was needed on my family at all times.  Benji and I put the skates on and made it to the rink, but that was as far as we could make ourselves go.  Ben did really good on the small plastic ones and he is ready to go back. 

Ben and the older woman, the 5 year old Birthday girl

Ben on his skates

Benji on his skates (not sure why I cannot turn it )

Yes, there are some pics of me skating, but since it is my blog, I control what goes on here.  :)

Labor Day Beach Trip

We technically did not take a family vacation this summer until Labor Day. With being in the hospital, having Reese, moving and benji being out of work, we all needed one but could not fit it in.  The kids and I went with my mom and brother in May and I went with my BFF on a short weekend trip over Memorial Day Weekend.  We decided kinda late minute, once Benji got a new job offer, to take a trip and that we did. 

Ben being silly

Reese laughing at Ben, as usual!

Ocean Lakes

Big B has lots more pictures.  Apparently keeping up with Ben and Reese was too much for me to remember to actually photograph the moments. 

Happy 40th Birthday Benji

We celebrated Benji's 40th birthday at home this year, but will all the favors of the 1970's.  We had records and peace signs for the decorations, fondue and finger foods for the food, and lots of 1970s rock and roll blaring, including Benji's favorite song Delta Dawn.  Even though he found out about the party, without all the details, and it was supposed to be a surprise, we all had a great time. 

The cake with a picture of Benji at 4 holding a guitar. 

The side table of food with the fondue

Benji and I

I am not sure why these pics are so blurry on here.  Sorry!

First Day of 4K

We debated all last year on wether to send Ben to public school for 4K.  I was pretty much done with paying private tuition.  He was tested in December and it was decided that he did not need it, if we wanted to keep him at the preschool where he has been.  We were living in District 7 and there you must "need" it and meet the requirements. I knew that we would be moving to a different district in the fall, so I started looking in District 6.  In District 6, the closest elementary school did not offer a 4K program, and I was going to have to drive across town and then downtown each morning.  So after careful consideration, we decided to keep Ben where he was so that he would have one last year with his friends. 

Not sure why it is so blurry.  The morning of the first day.

Showing off his Star Wars bookbag.

And of course, since Benji was going back to work, Reese started too.  She has the same teacher that Ben had in the baby room and I feel confident is she loved on all day.

How did we ever survive without internet??

Seriously??  I hate to admit my addiction to the internet.  I read the local news, check my facebook and personal email and do more than enough shopping.  Never did I realize how dependent I am until we moved.  Now, rest assured I get more pleasure in where we live than surfing the internet, but apparently the internet is my drug.  One hit now, please!!!  Anyway, due to lack of reliable internet service in the area in which we live, I have been depending on work (where I have little time) or going back to the condo where our nice MAC still sits connected to Charter. 
Ayway, here is the latest updates in possible random order, because I am at work and probably have millions of things that need to be done.  :)