Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ben's 1 skating party

I remember loving skating as a child.  I was never afraid to skate as fast as I could and was actually pretty good at it.  Well, fast forward approximately 25 years.  I could barely stand up in the skates, much less skate.  It did not take me long to realize that it is a longer and harder fall, I could possibly break something really important, and my full attention was needed on my family at all times.  Benji and I put the skates on and made it to the rink, but that was as far as we could make ourselves go.  Ben did really good on the small plastic ones and he is ready to go back. 

Ben and the older woman, the 5 year old Birthday girl

Ben on his skates

Benji on his skates (not sure why I cannot turn it )

Yes, there are some pics of me skating, but since it is my blog, I control what goes on here.  :)

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