Sunday, July 26, 2009

I will kiss all your booboos, almost!

Ben will be embarassed when he is old enough to appreciate the following story.
A few nights ago, Ben needed to go to the potty. He usually goes downstairs where the seat lid stays up for his use. This particular night he wanted to use the one in our bedroom. I told him to go ahead since I was getting his stuff ready for bed. A few minutes later I heard this loud scream and he came running to me with he pants around his ankles. I immediately grabbed him up and went back into the bathroom in order to see what happened. Apparently, Ben went to put the lid up and about the time he started to pee, the lid fell back down. Yes... I started to look at it and make sure that we were not going to have to take at trip to the ER. Thank goodness, the lid landed more on his skin than on his wee wee (:), but it was red and I know that it hurt. I told him that I would put some neosporin on it since Ben knows that it does not burn. Instead he asked me, in that sweet little innocent voice of his, if I could kiss it because he had a Boo Boo. Benji had ran up the stairs when he heard Ben scream and then had to leave the room because he was laughing so hard. I politely told him that mommy could not kiss this boo boo but I was sure that the medicine would help. :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random Pictures

Apparently, Marcus is snapping pictures even when I do not realize it. Thanks to him, we have lots of great pictures. Here are a few from the last month or so.

Danny made Ben a fishing rod with a stick and some line. Ben was fine with it and caught lots of "fish"

I think he might have realized it was not a real one.

Ben blowing bubbles

Ben gagging, and eventually throwing up his dinner, because he got bubbles in his mouth.