Sunday, October 26, 2008

Almost Halloween

Last night we went to a super fun Halloween party for both little kids and big kids at heart. Ben got to wear his Halloween costume, and even though he kept making his scariest pirate face, he was the cutest pirate I have ever seen. There was a bouncy house (the hit of the party), a scary house (Ben did not like it until the end), plenty of games like bobbing for apples and food. Ben was upset when we had to leave, but we somehow appeased him with some Chick A Lay (as Ben calls it).

Morgan and Captain Ben Sparrow

Morrison (party host and cutest witch ever), Ben, and some other cute little witch all in the bouncy house!

Ben finally getting up the nerve to go in the "spooky" house.

I did not get a lot of pictures, since apparently you can not recharge non-rechargeable batteries, and my camera died. I will be making lots more of Captain Ben this week, and I will post later.

Tonight we made the bags for Ben's class at school. It contains a coloring book, pencil, a spooky straw, stickers, plastic Halloween creature and suckers. I still need to put the play dough and candy in them and then I can close them. I made enough for his class and a few extra just in case we are home on Halloween.

Ben decided that he needed to taste the suckers. According to Ben, we (Benji, Ben, and myself) all needed one, but I quickly learned it was so Ben could have three different flavors.

Ben and I trying out the scary skeleton straw with the Ghost Milk

Even Madison got in on the Halloween Fun!

Last Weekend

We had a very busy Saturday last weekend.  Besides the obvious of finding out we are going to have another baby, Ben was as busy as ever.  We started the day at the Fall Festival/Health Fair at church.  Here we are able to catch up with Dana and Brynn, who were visiting all the way from Nashville.  

Ben and Brynn (at least he does not have his finger in his nose)

Ben and Dana (we have been friends since 4th grade)

There was lots of fun for Ben and Brynn on the dinosaur slide and the bouncy house.  They also enjoyed watching the karate show. 

After the festival fun, we went to Papa Randy's house to check on the wildlife and the 4-wheeler and to get plenty of attention from Papa.  

Ben showing Destiny where they are not supposed to be stepping

Ben wanted to take a picture with we did!

Ben with the biggest limb he could find...or pick up!

Uncle Scott and Ben on the 4-wheeler.  

By the end of the day, he was driving himself.  Yes, I know he needs a helmet on.  

Thursday, October 23, 2008


after the shock and moment of stress, I am excited about being pregnant and giving Ben a little brother or sister. With Ben, I knew the day my period was late, that I was pregnant. Even though, my period is never regular, something told me to take a test. Maybe it was because it was Labor Day, maybe because it was around Benji's birthday and I knew it would be a great gift, or maybe just because I wanted to be. After taking 4 tests, I got my answer and months later I got the best gift ever, Ben. This time, I honestly had no clue. We (I) had wanted to wait another year or so, but apparently the timing is right for us now. So, we will have another baby on or around June 8, 2009.
Ben was due May 08, 2006, but came on April 25. This baby will come early (thanks to a previous C-section), so their birthdays will be about a month apart. This will be perfect if the second child is a boy, considering I still have all Ben's clothes.
So far, I have not had any morning sickness or issues, unlike with Ben I was sick 20 hours of the day by this time. I saw the nurse yesterday and go back on Nov 7 to meet with the doctor. Of course, I will know more then, but I am about 8 weeks now. Please keep us in your thoughts as my blood pressure was high during my last pregancy and the last months were spent hooked up to monitors measuring his heart rate, and this was very stressful. I loved being pregnant with Ben despite all the sickness and other issues, and I am hoping for the same experience this time.
This blog was mainly started to keep my mom and long lost friends informed of Ben, but now it will also serve as a record for this pregnancy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ben's News

I know the quality is bad, but hopefully you can understand him.  

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ben's Been to the Cabin

Here are some cute pictures from our Anniversary weekend/family getaway to Pigeon Forge.  We had a great time, even though it was hot and our cabin was at the top of the universe.  

Our cabin, The Dreamcatcher Spirit.  More like the House on Haunted Hill

Ben, myself and the scary crows!
The loft area, 3rd floor and some of the bedrooms
Ben was super excited about the tram and Dollywood

A rare picture of the 3 of us!
Daddy and Ben on the tractor!

The whole gang, minus Big B,who was taking the picture, and Danny

Ben's favorite first!

Ben and Nanna on the Bees

Ben and the pigs

Playing the Pick a Duck Game

He won and picked out his prize...another stuffed animal :)

World Wide Superstar Ben was caught by paparazi on a day out in TN with his family

Having Fun??

Angie and her fabulous kids

Happy Anniversary

We were gone last weekend and I have had to work late all this week, so this post is a little late.  Our anniversary was October 4 so here is a little tribute to my husband, my friend, my baby daddy!

Benji and I 10 years ago!  We look young!

Our Wedding Day, October 4, 2003.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yeah for Fall

As October has officially begun, I am giddy with excitement. We (the whole gang) will be going to the mountains this weekend. It is Benji and ours anniversary and what more romantic way to spend it than with the inlaws and friends. (notice the sarcasm here). Anyway, it will be fun. We are spending Friday in Dollywood and thanks to the website, Ben has already chosen the rides that he will be riding. He has also been promised that we will find a pumpkin and watch candy being made. I promise all things will be for him :) Benji and his family have never been to DW so it should be fun. Saturday will be spent perusing the outlet mall sales and getting a jump start on Christmas, which is just around the corner. Sunday we will travel the streets of Gatlinburg and hopefully make a trip to Cade's Cove. We are scheduled to come home Sunday night, but who knows...
The next weekend we are going with some friends to Scarowinds, so that should be a lot of fun. I will soon remember why I no longer ride (like to ride) roller coasters :)
Soon after that will be my birthday and Halloween. I cannot wait to get Ben dressed up this year and partake in lots of activities. We have some festivals and several parties to attend, which too will be a real scream.
I will post some pictures when we return, so try and hang tight until then.