Sunday, October 26, 2008

Almost Halloween

Last night we went to a super fun Halloween party for both little kids and big kids at heart. Ben got to wear his Halloween costume, and even though he kept making his scariest pirate face, he was the cutest pirate I have ever seen. There was a bouncy house (the hit of the party), a scary house (Ben did not like it until the end), plenty of games like bobbing for apples and food. Ben was upset when we had to leave, but we somehow appeased him with some Chick A Lay (as Ben calls it).

Morgan and Captain Ben Sparrow

Morrison (party host and cutest witch ever), Ben, and some other cute little witch all in the bouncy house!

Ben finally getting up the nerve to go in the "spooky" house.

I did not get a lot of pictures, since apparently you can not recharge non-rechargeable batteries, and my camera died. I will be making lots more of Captain Ben this week, and I will post later.

Tonight we made the bags for Ben's class at school. It contains a coloring book, pencil, a spooky straw, stickers, plastic Halloween creature and suckers. I still need to put the play dough and candy in them and then I can close them. I made enough for his class and a few extra just in case we are home on Halloween.

Ben decided that he needed to taste the suckers. According to Ben, we (Benji, Ben, and myself) all needed one, but I quickly learned it was so Ben could have three different flavors.

Ben and I trying out the scary skeleton straw with the Ghost Milk

Even Madison got in on the Halloween Fun!

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