Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yeah for Fall

As October has officially begun, I am giddy with excitement. We (the whole gang) will be going to the mountains this weekend. It is Benji and ours anniversary and what more romantic way to spend it than with the inlaws and friends. (notice the sarcasm here). Anyway, it will be fun. We are spending Friday in Dollywood and thanks to the website, Ben has already chosen the rides that he will be riding. He has also been promised that we will find a pumpkin and watch candy being made. I promise all things will be for him :) Benji and his family have never been to DW so it should be fun. Saturday will be spent perusing the outlet mall sales and getting a jump start on Christmas, which is just around the corner. Sunday we will travel the streets of Gatlinburg and hopefully make a trip to Cade's Cove. We are scheduled to come home Sunday night, but who knows...
The next weekend we are going with some friends to Scarowinds, so that should be a lot of fun. I will soon remember why I no longer ride (like to ride) roller coasters :)
Soon after that will be my birthday and Halloween. I cannot wait to get Ben dressed up this year and partake in lots of activities. We have some festivals and several parties to attend, which too will be a real scream.
I will post some pictures when we return, so try and hang tight until then.


Anonymous said...

love reading your blog. Hunter and Alesha and the boys went to cades cove last weekend and they got to see three bears! Have a great weekend sounds fun and happy anniversary

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary and Birthday to come. Ya'll have fun this weekend! Bring back lots of pics
What is Ben going to be for Halloween?