Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Olivia!

My best friends welcomed their 2nd baby into the world yesterday.  Olivia Catherine was born on 09/22 at 9:22.  How neat is that??  She is the younger sister of a fabulous big brother, Kaleb who is 3 1/2.  I am writing this blog in honor of my BFF and her very lucky children.  
Christi and I have been great friends since high school, and have grown even closer as adults and mommies.  We were 2 of the few girls among a lot of wild boys in high school and beyond.  Our group has stayed friends for over 15 years and it is so fun to see all of us have little wild children of our own.  My mom always said I was ok as long as I was out with Christi.  We will not share all those stories on here for the world to see :) I was there when she was engaged to another guy and her now husband and I would spend hours on the phone talking about her.  I was there the night she got engaged (afterwards), I was in their wedding, she was the matron of honor in mine, and have been there to see the births of both of her babies. She knows more about me than anyone else and still puts up with me.  I am so lucky to have her in my life!
Here are some cute pics of the new baby!!!  Maybe I can dig out some old pictures of all of us for a good laugh.

Olivia and her mommy

A close up of baby.  She cannot help her that her parents have bad taste in football :)

The big brother!

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Michelle said...

She is so pretty. Hard to remember our kids that size!