Monday, September 15, 2008

So, for the last year or so, we (mainly Benji) have been wanting a new TV. Ours went out a while back and we moved the one from the bedroom downstairs. It has been working fine for me. I could live without the TV anyway, but Ben needs his cartoons and Benji needs...well. The only thing I look forward to watching is The Young and the Restless. Call me crazy, but I have watched this show since I was small and live vicariously through the characters in Genoa City. A month or two ago, I got settled in to watch that days episode on Soapnet, only to find out that soapnet was not on. Benji (who publicly loves Y&R too) immediately got on the phone with Charter to express his anger that there was an apparent problem with that particular channel. The lady on the other line (bless her heart) hardly spoke English and said that she had no clue why we were missing only that channel and she would need to send someone out there to check the lines. We would need to be home the following saturday between 3 and 5. Ok, great! We did our errands, arrived home before 3 and opened the door for the repairmen at 4:58. There was no need for them to check the lines because our problem was not there, but in the fact that we no longer receive Soapnet because we do not have the cable box. However, we could get the box for $10.00 more per month. We already pay way too much for the basic crap that we have now (we only have Charter for the internet). I told them no thanks and I appreciated my whole day being wasted when the lady on the phone could have told us that to begin with.
Fast forward to this past weekend. Benji mentioned that CC was having a sale on tv's and maybe we should go take a look at them. I was planning on getting him one for Christmas anyway, so I thought that at least this way he could pick out the one he wanted. We go in planning on a nice 40" flat screen. Anyway, thanks to the great salesman (even though we had several heated discussions on the old Tiger/Gamecock rival) and the fact that CC is offering no interest for 4 years, my credit card is now maxed out and we are the proud owners of a 46" flat screen TV. To most of you, this is probably old news and you already have one. However, for those that really know me and how I have to justify everything I do and spend, this was a purchase which took a lot of planning. I can now play my Wii in style, Ben can watch cartoons in an in-home theatre, and Benji can watch everything. I am pretty sure his fingers are cramped from hogging the remote. Since we bought the TV, the salesman has my number and should be holding me the WiiFit when it comes in. I told Benji that it is the only thing I want for Christmas. The best news is that once we got the TV programmed, guess what magically appeared???? The 5 hour marathon of Y&R. I don't need a $10.00 box...just a $2,000 TV.

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