Sunday, September 21, 2008


I love to decorate...Halloween and Christmas are my favorite holidays!!! You may never know it from looking at my house the rest of the year, but starting in the fall I am just another Martha Stewart. Now, I cannot even begin to make the things from scratch that she makes, but I can certainly buy them and thanks to my Holiday shower given to me for my wedding, I have enough decorations for the best of us. It is never too early to start with the next given holiday, so I decided to get a jump on Halloween this weekend. We are going to be busy the next 3 weekends, so I decided to haul it out tonight. Ben was eager to help at first, but that quickly changed (more about that in a minute). We got the boxes out of storage and I let him decide , at first, where everything was going to go. Now, I might let him have some toys on the floor or some dirty clothes in the basket but the decorations have a specific place and I quickly had to intervene on proper placement. We now have a house full of pumpkins, skeletons, spiders, leaves and other "scary" treats. One day I will have this and the best darn Kids Halloween party in town.

I asked Benji to smile and pretend that he loves decorating

Ben helping daddy with the lights

Back to Ben. Normally, the little one is not scared of anything. He wants to jump off the highest places, touch the creepiest things, and run around the house until he is out of breath. He loves to run into the kitchen and into the foyer and hide. He just laughs and laughs thinking that I cannot find him. Anyway, I have now found the perfect thing that will stop him in his tracks and make him come running back to mommy. Meet Mr Bones

He is motion activated and shakes when something makes him move. Ben does not like him and told me to "take the scary man down and put in closet". Of course, I told him that it was not real and only a decoration. but he refused to go into the kitchen. Now all I have to say is "You better______ or Mr. Scary Bones Man will come and get you" and he immediately minds. What??!! Just kidding (sorta). I did not take him down, but turned him off so that he will not shake!
Once I get everything up, I will post some more pictures!

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