Saturday, September 6, 2008

Today has been one of those trying parenting days.  You know the day when you said right, and the sweet babies go left.  You say No, and the sweet baby says "yes, I do not like you!"  Somewhere in the midst my sweet baby left and was replaced by Mr. Way too Independent I want my Way and I want it Now.  
I am not sure where he picked up the phrase "I do not like..." but it is being used way too much lately when a certain someone does not get his way.  I have developed a lot of patience in the last 2 years that even surprised myself and I can totally ignore a meltdown and tantrum by a 2 year old.  However, coming from someone who rarely has them it is a bit of a shock and causes a little anxiety in a certain mommy.  It is sweet to hear a few minutes later "I'm sorry mommy, I love you and you are my favorite friend :)".  Charm will only get you so far little one!!!
Tonight as the little mister is being tucked away by daddy, I am posting some cute pictures.   Mostly as a reminder that this is a phase and he will (eventually) grow out of it.  Just know that as I post these, I am also having a much needed drink and will soon get some much needed sleep.  

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