Sunday, August 1, 2010

Getting Ready for 4K

Hard to believe that my 1st baby will be in 4K this fall.  He will be staying at the same preschool he has been at (instead of going to public 4K) and he is (was) very excited about going back.  That was until I told him who was going to be in his class.

Little bit of history-
Ben and Victoria have been in the same class since the nursery.  She is this sweet and cute little blond girl who has stolen Ben's heart.  SO much in fact, that one day last fall Ben told me that he was upset because his teacher told him that he could not marry Victoria until he was older when he mentioned the possibility in school one day.  She always hugs him in the mornings and puts her arm around him.  Totally sweet.  Ben even had to get her a present for Christmas.  Nothing says love to a 4 year old like a stuffed frog.  Anyway, a few weeks ago Ben was being BAD.  One of those moments that I just put him in his room and told him he could come out when he could explain to me why he was acting that way.  After a few minutes, he hollered for me to come into his room so he could "explain why he was being bad."  "Because I am so in love with Victoria" he said.  Seriously??  I thought raging hormones did not come around for a few more years.  Anyway, I laughed and let him but thought it was cute, especially since he has not seen Victoria since school got out in May.

So, today, Ben's class roll comes in the mail.  I proceed to tell him his teacher's name and who all is going to be in his class.  The conversation went something like this:
Me-"Steven".  "wasn't he in your class last year?"
Ben- "Victoria??"
Me- "Hailey, Jamison". "oh, I like those 2 girls"
Ben- "Victoria??"
Me- "Fritz"- Good you missed him last year"
Ben- Victoria??"
Me- "Alex, Luke and a new girl named Marnie"  Sounds like you are going to have a good class
Ben- "what about Victoria"  He forgot to mention Noah, who was his best buddy last year.
Me- Sorry, Victoria must be in the other class.
Ben- "Bummers, I hope I can still see her in the mornings"

He was actually pretty bummed about it.

  Victoria saved Ben a seat at his birthday party and put her arm around him.

She saved him a seat at the Strawberry patch.  He got up and hid behind the pole when he saw me taking the picture.