Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ben's 3rd Birthday Party




EQUALS 3- Hard to believe that Ben is already 3

Ben had a great Birthday party this year.  It was going to be low key, but he had about 40 people there.  It was held at Cleveland Park and the weather was beautiful, a little hot with a nice breeze.  We had a Star Wars theme and he got enough Star Wars presents to start a small toy museum.  We have tons of pictures, but here are only a few.

Some of the guests eating their chicken nuggets

Relaxing in the shade
Telling us that he is a big boy
Opening up some of his gifts

Ben's favorite gift...R2D2 fish tank

Ben and his cold cash

Cute card from Uncle Marcus, Angie and the kids

Josh and Ben on the train.  Ben was brave here, but he told me later that he did not like the train because the whistle was too loud. 

Eating his cake

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Better yet, a Country Superstar

He knows all the words to this song.  As a matter of fact, if you are talking while this song is on the radio, you will be asked to be quiet.  

Perhaps a future Chippendale...

Monday, April 20, 2009

3 years ago, I was wondering what labor, delivery and being a mom would be about. The labor and delivery part, I knew, was going to be a breeze compared to the next 18 years. I remember hearing his heartbeat at all the appointments and seeing his profile in the ultrasounds and wondering what he would look like, how he would act and what dominant traits he would have. I would come home each night and lay on the couch and hook my Ipod earphones up to my belly and feel him kick and kick. I loved being pregnant and the bond that a mom and unborn baby share is undescribeable. I knew that I may could never be able to offer my child all the material things in the world, but I was, and still am, determined that my small child will make a big difference in the world.
On April 25th, 2006 at 6:21 p.m, my life totally changed. Benjamin James was born after 12 hours of labor and an emergency c-section. Even though, I was unable to see him for a little while after his birth, my love for him was obvious from the beginning. Never again, would I have to question how I possibly would be as a mother. I knew right then at that very moment that Ben came into the world, that I had never loved anything so much. I was determined to make him a happy life, even though at that time I was not sure what that would consist of.
Fast forward 3 years and rethink how I would shape and mold him. Let's look at how he has shaped and molded me. He reminds me everyday about the small things that matter and how laughter is the best medicine. The things that were important 3 or more years ago, now are just faded memories. The reason I do everything, the mere thing that gets me through the day, is all bottled up in one energetic 3 year old little boy. I want him to see the positive side in everything and to not take things seriously all the time. To know that no matter what, he has parents who will love him unconditionally. Even after a long, hard day just hearing him say "I love you mommy" makes everything ok.
The last 3 years have really flown by. He is so eager to show all that he has learned and to make everyone proud. He is so smart and so funny and I thank God every day that he allowed me to be Ben's mother.

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Official...

I have gray hair(s).  Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

Ben, the Masters Caddy, hid the first egg.  

Easter was a beautiful day.  We enjoyed a great church service followed by a great lunch at Nana and Big B's.  The easter bunny came down there and left a bunch of eggs for Ben to find.  This year, the bunny left real money in his eggs.  Money was the only thing that got candy off of Ben's mind.  He stashed his pockets full and had a great time running through the yard after all the eggs.  After he found them all, he wanted to hide them so that I could find them.  It was cute, because I would pretend that I could not find them and Ben would help me.  

Ben showing Aunt Sherri where the eggs are hidden

Sherri helping Ben 

Also getting assistance from Big B

Uncle Scott and Ben

Egg Dying Fun...

Saturday Ben had a date of sorts.  Plans were to meet a friend and his daughter at the faithful Chick Fil A and take them to the park.  Since it was a little windy, we decided Ben and Sidney could play on the playground there and then we would go back to their house and dye the easter eggs.  

3 dozen eggs...

15 cups of pretty colors (along with wraps, stickers and glitter)

Plus a little help from daddy Benji and daddy Jon

Equals lots of dyed easter eggs

And a few sets of dyed hands

Ben saw no need to use the little wandy thing...his hands worked better

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day at the zoo

Today we went on a quasi picnic and a trip to the zoo.  Apparently, every one else in the area had the same idea, but it was still fun!!!  It was nice to have some pretty weather and be able to get outside.  We were not able to eat at the zoo because there were no available picnic tables, but thank goodness there was a Chick Fil A on the way with some outside tables.  Ben loved it and felt great outside.  We then went to the Greenville zoo.  We had a small accident while waiting on daddy to park the car (he only had to circle 3 times), and Ben scraped his knee while not listening to me telling him not to jump off the step.  He scraped his knee pretty bad, but would not let me touch it to clean it up.  He first decided that he could not walk through the zoo, but then, after a mild meltdown, decided that he could.  He limped for a little while, and I could not help but giggle at him.   Ben loved the elephants, the snakes, and the lions, but his favorite was the monkeys.  Bob, the baby orangutan, was the life of the zoo.  I could not get pictures because of all the people, but Benji and I pondered on how we could get one of our own.  We also played a little at the play ground and got some ice cream on the way out.  We had a good day, and got in a little exercise. 

Ben, mommy and elephant

Watching the giraffes

Ben was super excited in the Reptile building

Stopping for a rest

Old Man Ben

Ben way playing in the tub a few nights ago and was laying down swimming and playing in the bubbles.  He popped up and looked in the mirror and told me he looked like an old man.  Very cute!