Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

Ben, the Masters Caddy, hid the first egg.  

Easter was a beautiful day.  We enjoyed a great church service followed by a great lunch at Nana and Big B's.  The easter bunny came down there and left a bunch of eggs for Ben to find.  This year, the bunny left real money in his eggs.  Money was the only thing that got candy off of Ben's mind.  He stashed his pockets full and had a great time running through the yard after all the eggs.  After he found them all, he wanted to hide them so that I could find them.  It was cute, because I would pretend that I could not find them and Ben would help me.  

Ben showing Aunt Sherri where the eggs are hidden

Sherri helping Ben 

Also getting assistance from Big B

Uncle Scott and Ben

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