Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ben's 3rd Birthday Party




EQUALS 3- Hard to believe that Ben is already 3

Ben had a great Birthday party this year.  It was going to be low key, but he had about 40 people there.  It was held at Cleveland Park and the weather was beautiful, a little hot with a nice breeze.  We had a Star Wars theme and he got enough Star Wars presents to start a small toy museum.  We have tons of pictures, but here are only a few.

Some of the guests eating their chicken nuggets

Relaxing in the shade
Telling us that he is a big boy
Opening up some of his gifts

Ben's favorite gift...R2D2 fish tank

Ben and his cold cash

Cute card from Uncle Marcus, Angie and the kids

Josh and Ben on the train.  Ben was brave here, but he told me later that he did not like the train because the whistle was too loud. 

Eating his cake

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Michelle said...

You had a great turn out! He looks so grown up. I am glad you got some good pictures. Sorry we couldn't make it. We have Ben's card with some more CASH!
We figured he had every toy around so you can do so much with MONEY! Hope you had a great beach trip. Love the new picture of him on the bench!