Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day at the zoo

Today we went on a quasi picnic and a trip to the zoo.  Apparently, every one else in the area had the same idea, but it was still fun!!!  It was nice to have some pretty weather and be able to get outside.  We were not able to eat at the zoo because there were no available picnic tables, but thank goodness there was a Chick Fil A on the way with some outside tables.  Ben loved it and felt great outside.  We then went to the Greenville zoo.  We had a small accident while waiting on daddy to park the car (he only had to circle 3 times), and Ben scraped his knee while not listening to me telling him not to jump off the step.  He scraped his knee pretty bad, but would not let me touch it to clean it up.  He first decided that he could not walk through the zoo, but then, after a mild meltdown, decided that he could.  He limped for a little while, and I could not help but giggle at him.   Ben loved the elephants, the snakes, and the lions, but his favorite was the monkeys.  Bob, the baby orangutan, was the life of the zoo.  I could not get pictures because of all the people, but Benji and I pondered on how we could get one of our own.  We also played a little at the play ground and got some ice cream on the way out.  We had a good day, and got in a little exercise. 

Ben, mommy and elephant

Watching the giraffes

Ben was super excited in the Reptile building

Stopping for a rest

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BrownBag*Boutique said...

The zoo looks fun - you know I love me some animals!! I have an extra Easter wreath if you still want one (I know its really close to Easter and may be too late!)