Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just some cute pics

Ben and Reese watching SPROUT

Reese sitting in the chair

Reese and I getting ready for her 6 month dinner 

We're Back...

Yeah for Verizon and super yeah for internet!!  I finally broken down and got the Internet mobile hotspot.  It was the best option for us country folk.  I plan to do better on this blog now, so that I can update Reese's stats.
At her 6 month checkup (a month ago), she got 3 shots.  She weighed 16 pounds and was 23.5 inches.  Doctor said that she was no longer considered a preemie and was meeting all developmental milestones except sitting on her own.  She also had no teeth, which Ben started getting in at 4 months.  She has really been teething though so I know it will be coming in any time.  She seriously is the happiest baby I have ever met.  She cries only when she is super hungry or super sleepy.  The rest of her day is spent smiling and laughing.  Her bright blue eyes light up at familiar faces and she literally laughs out loud at ben.  She started rolling over at about 5.5 months and also started the DADADADADA.  Benji is loving it and Ben and I are trying to get her to say Momma and Ben.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ben's 1 skating party

I remember loving skating as a child.  I was never afraid to skate as fast as I could and was actually pretty good at it.  Well, fast forward approximately 25 years.  I could barely stand up in the skates, much less skate.  It did not take me long to realize that it is a longer and harder fall, I could possibly break something really important, and my full attention was needed on my family at all times.  Benji and I put the skates on and made it to the rink, but that was as far as we could make ourselves go.  Ben did really good on the small plastic ones and he is ready to go back. 

Ben and the older woman, the 5 year old Birthday girl

Ben on his skates

Benji on his skates (not sure why I cannot turn it )

Yes, there are some pics of me skating, but since it is my blog, I control what goes on here.  :)

Labor Day Beach Trip

We technically did not take a family vacation this summer until Labor Day. With being in the hospital, having Reese, moving and benji being out of work, we all needed one but could not fit it in.  The kids and I went with my mom and brother in May and I went with my BFF on a short weekend trip over Memorial Day Weekend.  We decided kinda late minute, once Benji got a new job offer, to take a trip and that we did. 

Ben being silly

Reese laughing at Ben, as usual!

Ocean Lakes

Big B has lots more pictures.  Apparently keeping up with Ben and Reese was too much for me to remember to actually photograph the moments. 

Happy 40th Birthday Benji

We celebrated Benji's 40th birthday at home this year, but will all the favors of the 1970's.  We had records and peace signs for the decorations, fondue and finger foods for the food, and lots of 1970s rock and roll blaring, including Benji's favorite song Delta Dawn.  Even though he found out about the party, without all the details, and it was supposed to be a surprise, we all had a great time. 

The cake with a picture of Benji at 4 holding a guitar. 

The side table of food with the fondue

Benji and I

I am not sure why these pics are so blurry on here.  Sorry!

First Day of 4K

We debated all last year on wether to send Ben to public school for 4K.  I was pretty much done with paying private tuition.  He was tested in December and it was decided that he did not need it, if we wanted to keep him at the preschool where he has been.  We were living in District 7 and there you must "need" it and meet the requirements. I knew that we would be moving to a different district in the fall, so I started looking in District 6.  In District 6, the closest elementary school did not offer a 4K program, and I was going to have to drive across town and then downtown each morning.  So after careful consideration, we decided to keep Ben where he was so that he would have one last year with his friends. 

Not sure why it is so blurry.  The morning of the first day.

Showing off his Star Wars bookbag.

And of course, since Benji was going back to work, Reese started too.  She has the same teacher that Ben had in the baby room and I feel confident is she loved on all day.

How did we ever survive without internet??

Seriously??  I hate to admit my addiction to the internet.  I read the local news, check my facebook and personal email and do more than enough shopping.  Never did I realize how dependent I am until we moved.  Now, rest assured I get more pleasure in where we live than surfing the internet, but apparently the internet is my drug.  One hit now, please!!!  Anyway, due to lack of reliable internet service in the area in which we live, I have been depending on work (where I have little time) or going back to the condo where our nice MAC still sits connected to Charter. 
Ayway, here is the latest updates in possible random order, because I am at work and probably have millions of things that need to be done.  :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Getting Ready for 4K

Hard to believe that my 1st baby will be in 4K this fall.  He will be staying at the same preschool he has been at (instead of going to public 4K) and he is (was) very excited about going back.  That was until I told him who was going to be in his class.

Little bit of history-
Ben and Victoria have been in the same class since the nursery.  She is this sweet and cute little blond girl who has stolen Ben's heart.  SO much in fact, that one day last fall Ben told me that he was upset because his teacher told him that he could not marry Victoria until he was older when he mentioned the possibility in school one day.  She always hugs him in the mornings and puts her arm around him.  Totally sweet.  Ben even had to get her a present for Christmas.  Nothing says love to a 4 year old like a stuffed frog.  Anyway, a few weeks ago Ben was being BAD.  One of those moments that I just put him in his room and told him he could come out when he could explain to me why he was acting that way.  After a few minutes, he hollered for me to come into his room so he could "explain why he was being bad."  "Because I am so in love with Victoria" he said.  Seriously??  I thought raging hormones did not come around for a few more years.  Anyway, I laughed and let him but thought it was cute, especially since he has not seen Victoria since school got out in May.

So, today, Ben's class roll comes in the mail.  I proceed to tell him his teacher's name and who all is going to be in his class.  The conversation went something like this:
Me-"Steven".  "wasn't he in your class last year?"
Ben- "Victoria??"
Me- "Hailey, Jamison". "oh, I like those 2 girls"
Ben- "Victoria??"
Me- "Fritz"- Good you missed him last year"
Ben- Victoria??"
Me- "Alex, Luke and a new girl named Marnie"  Sounds like you are going to have a good class
Ben- "what about Victoria"  He forgot to mention Noah, who was his best buddy last year.
Me- Sorry, Victoria must be in the other class.
Ben- "Bummers, I hope I can still see her in the mornings"

He was actually pretty bummed about it.

  Victoria saved Ben a seat at his birthday party and put her arm around him.

She saved him a seat at the Strawberry patch.  He got up and hid behind the pole when he saw me taking the picture.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Greatest Intentions

I have been keeping up with Reese's milestones the way all good mothers do...scribbled on random pieces of paper stuck inside books, magazines, purses, etc.  We have been so busy and she is growing up so fast, that another week passes before I know it.  I am going to post here before I forget.

Reese was 4 months on July 15 and here are some tidbits.

  • "talking" nonstop.  She is quite the little chatterbox
  • loves when someone talks to her.  
  • laughs constantly
  • adores her brother
  • adored by her brother
  • eats 5 ounces per sitting
  • sleeps from 10 pm-830 am at night, usually goes back to sleep after eating until late morning.  Awake most of the day
  • seems to be teething
  • sucks her fist so hard that you can hear her across the room.  
  • hates being on her tummy
  • wants to sit up and can with assistance
  • has rolled from back to side(s), but does not like being on her tummy
  • Wears size 2 diapers
  • Wears 3-6 months clothes
  • Still cannot wear a hairbow because her hair is so fine
  • has the chubbiest and cutest little legs
  • rarely cries.  When she does, she is either wet, hungry or tired
  • has the same bright blue eyes as Ben, but not quite as big. 
  • has brown hair with a reddish tint (yes, I said
  • blesses all every day. 
We love you so much!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Ben is always making me and everyone laugh.  As smart and charming as is, I am already preparing myself for him being the class clown.  His new favorite game, and he does not know how much he learns, is to give you a letter and a hint and make you guess what he is thinking.  Tonight the game started out harmless.

Ben:  F-ffffffff, bees make honey from this
Me:  fork?  No?  french fries?  Oh, flowers :)

Ben:  G,gggggg, outside and you walk on it
Me:  Grapes?  Goopies (I make up words just to hear him laugh), No?  Oh, grass!

Ben:  B,bbbbbb, in the refridgerator and you drink it
Me:  uh, bubbles??  barnacles?  I have no idea
Ben:  You know mommy, Beer!!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

We usually have lots of beach pictures from our annual 4th of July beach trip to share.  However, we did not plan a vacation the week this year because we thought we would be moving in.  Well, we made the best of it and had a great time at church in the bouncy houses, watching the parade and seeing the fireworks.

We have light(s)


Dining Room

Over the island in the kitchen

We have plants (at least for now)

The "hired" hands

Albino Bird=Blessed House

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My world

Ben absolutely adores Reese and I think the feeling is mutual.  

Silly Ben

Reese and her "look"

My sweet blessings

Both kids got shots last week.  Ben weighed 37 pounds, and I forgot his height.  I will update when we go back next month.  Reese was 11.8 pounds and 23 inches.  Both were troopers and Ben never shed a tear.  He said he was going to be like Iron Man.  

We're almost there...

We should be moving in 2 weeks.  I'm sure most of you would have all your stuff boxed, labeled and ready to go.  I like to be different, so I do not.  I am stressing now knowing that we have plenty of volunteer movers and some trucks and trailers ready to go, but nothing really packed.  Good thing is that we do not have a deadline for getting out of here so we really only have to move the big stuff and everyday stuff (clothes, toiletries, etc) at first.  I am still cleaning out and plan to put a whole bunch of stuff on Craigs list in the next few days.  If any of you are needing something, chances are that I have at least 1 so let me know.  If things do not sell on CL, then they will more than likely end up in the dumpster somewhere.  Here are the latest pictures, made today.

Concrete Pad was poured last week

Cabinets in and 1st round of stain, island in and countertops in

Kids/Guest bathroom vanity

View from hall.  Dining room and front door on right

View from Reese's bedroom

Needless to say, we are super duper excited about getting moved in.  The yard is calling Ben and my back porch is calling me.  

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You've come a long way baby!

3 months ago, a special little lady entered our lives.  She showed her might way before she even entered this world.  We are so blessed to have her in our family.

March 15, 2010

June 15, 2010

Now weighs about 11.5 pounds.  Not exactly sure, we missed the 2 month check up and will be going this week for the 3 month.  
Loves to eat.  She is now taking 5 ounces at most feedings
Wearing a size 2 diaper
Outgrowing 0-3 months clothes because she is so long.  
Does not like pacifiers, she prefers her fingers.  At least until she gags herself.  
Started sleeping through the night at about 9 weeks.  Most nights it is 10 pm-630am.  
Has the biggest smile where all you see is gums.  
Loves kisses, to be held, and talked to.  
Has big blue eyes.  Her hair is getting darker and most has fallen out (compared to birth)
Loves baths
Adores her brother
Does not like socks, shoes or covers on her feet
Coos and Aahs at everything

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Benji lost something

So something happened that is totally not about Ben or Reese but equally blog worthy.

20 years worth!

I can do it!

Deciding where to cut!

Ben cannot believe it!

Locks of Love.  

Ta Da!!