Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Ben is always making me and everyone laugh.  As smart and charming as is, I am already preparing myself for him being the class clown.  His new favorite game, and he does not know how much he learns, is to give you a letter and a hint and make you guess what he is thinking.  Tonight the game started out harmless.

Ben:  F-ffffffff, bees make honey from this
Me:  fork?  No?  french fries?  Oh, flowers :)

Ben:  G,gggggg, outside and you walk on it
Me:  Grapes?  Goopies (I make up words just to hear him laugh), No?  Oh, grass!

Ben:  B,bbbbbb, in the refridgerator and you drink it
Me:  uh, bubbles??  barnacles?  I have no idea
Ben:  You know mommy, Beer!!


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