Saturday, May 30, 2009

This is $60,000 *(! *$@! Car Man!

So the family and I venture out for a quick trip to Target today.  On the way, we see this very pretty old, but shiny, blue Studebaker.  Benji and I comment on how nice it is and how we would not dare drive it out in public.  Well, a few minutes later we get behind the car at the red light at Jason's Deli on Hwy 29.  We are the 3rd car at the light when the light changes to Green.  The Stude (as we will call it) breaks (or chokes) down and the driver cannot get it going right away. There is a line of cars behind us and we can not get around, so Benji motions for the other cars to pass us.  They all do, but we cannot move.  We notice that the Stude starts rolling backwards, but were quite positive that the people in the car were aware of it.  Benji is still trying to get over when I notice the Stude is about to roll into us, so I reach over and honk the horn.  About that time, the Stude rolls into us and the woman in the car raises her hands as if to shout "Ya'll hit us". There was not even a bump on our end when they rolled, just a little nudge.  Out jumps old, leathered taters (AKA old, rich people who are apparently on their way to a classic car show) and the man ( with his pastel clothes, bad toupee, leathery skin and porno mustache) jumps out and yells to Benji "You hit my $60,000 car".  I will leave out the expletives that came from Benji, but B yelled back and said you hit me, you idiot.  What are you doing?  I motion Benji back into the car and am dialing 911 because I know that we are going to have a problem.  Berni (think weekend at Bernies, the driver of the Stude) gets on his phone and apparently calls some friends.  Before the cops can get there, Bernie's friend has pulled up in his muscle car and parks in front of the Stude and gets out almost to say that he had been there the whole time.  The cops question them and then us and verify that no damage has been done, however we all know that the person in the back is always at fault.  About that time, an older guy comes up to my window and says that he and his wife saw the entire thing and can witness that Bernie rolled into us.  He nicely talks to the cops and gives his view of the story, also our version.  The woman in the Stude, we will call her Liz (short for Elizabeth Taylor, and in her pastel capris and Key West visor), starts yelling at Benji that there was no way they were rolling because the car was in park.  They were both so obviously lying.  Why would the car be in park at the light and yes, with a straight drive it will roll backwards.  Benji, who at any other time probably would have beat the old man down in the middle of the road, did not say at word and just stood there and waited on the cops to discuss the situation.  One of the cops asked Liz to please be quiet and to get back in the car.  In the end, no one was charged even though we should have asked for a new tag, since ours was bent.  I think that had the witness not come up, Bernie and Liz  and their friend would have conjured up a story so that we would be adding to the classic car collection.  Bernie even told the cop that the witness, who was from Union, must have been a friend of ours.  Long story short, I would rather be a middle class, sometimes a little redneck, honest mom than a rich, bad style, lying tater.  
The end!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I love a man with pretty teeth...

Seriously, I do.  This week has been a big week here in this household.  Ben has been exclusively in big boy underwear and is doing great.  So well, in fact, that most of the time I can find Ben sitting on the toilet doing his business and needing no help from mommy. As long as the lights are left on for him, he is not even telling me that he has to go, he just goes and does it. He even asks for the occasional magazine :)  I have been waiting for this day, and sure enough, when he was ready he did it.  Mommy has even ventured out in public with no fear of wet tush.  As great as this is for me, and my pocketbook, it is sad to see him growing up.  I have about 2 years to get moved to a place where he will start school.  GASP!!!!
Another big thing this week was Ben's first trip to the dentist.  Personally, I have a love hate relationship with the dentist.  I despised them when I was young because of those terrible flouride trays that made me gag.  After those were finished, I did not mind so much because I love the "after dentist" feel of clean teeth and the promise made to myself that I would floss more regularly.  Then around the age of 25, I got my first cavity and first filling.  The dentist that I had gone to my entire life had his son join the practice.  While preparing to fill my cavity, he kept missing the root for my novacaine and ended up giving me 9, yes 9, shots of the numbing agent.  By the time said dad, and apparent dentist who knows what he is doing, gave it to me, everything else on my body was numb.  I changed dentist quickly afterwards and started where Benji and his family have gone.  Even though the new dentist is not a pediatric specialist, they did a great job with Ben today. 

Pardon the quality of most of these pictures.  I REALLY need a new camera!!!
Big B and Ben in the waiting room.  

Sitting in the chair learning how the brush will tickle his teeth

He got to wear the paste on his finger.  He picked the Grape flavor.  I chose the Rasberry.

Getting a polish  

Getting some floss

Not really sure about the little mirror thing.  

Waiting for Dr. Dean to come in and count his teeth

Everything seems to be fine!

I told Ben that he might get a prize when the nurse finished.  When she did, Ben asked if could have a sucker.  It was funny!!  Ms. Linda said that they did not have suckers, but that he could pick something from the treasure box.  Ben's eyes got huge when she opened the box and told him to pick out a treasure.  He must have spent 10 minutes carefully choosing a prize, a plastic airplane.  
Seriously, he never cried or acted scared.  He was a little shy at first, because it was a new place and all the staff were making a fuss over him, but he quickly warmed up and gave all the ladies a wink on his way out.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ben's Updates

My goals before Ben:
Start a fabulous scrapbook that would make even the best envious, full of pictures, locks of hair, lost teeth, etc. Spend weekly alone time each week filling this fabulous scrapbook.  
Buy new picture frames in order to change out more recent pictures for display.  Send out new pictures to family and friends on all occasions.  
Really use those cute growth charts to document height and weight. (of course spend time researching to make sure he is with the "norm".)
Work extra hard to keep everything organized, especially his toys, so that he would learn the importance of being neat. 
Decorate his bedroom for the next 18 years in all stuff Pottery Barn
Video all important things with new recorder and keep organized on both computer and on disk, labeled and easily accessible.  
Use artwork to decorate rooms

Goals Right After Ben:
Get a baby book to later transfer into a scrapbook.  I figured I would have some time and space soon .
Dust the new frames and update them as soon I get some "professional" ones made.  Update address list for annual Christmas cards.
At least get copies of the charts from the doctor for later documentation
Buy several pieces of cute Pottery Barn stuff, but wait until we move for the real good stuff
Video milestones, such as talking and walking with the video element on my camera since it is easier
Use artwork to cover up bad places on refrigerator

All pictures, artwork, milestones are stored in 1 BIG Rubbermaid box, that I am positive I will get to soon.  I will also start pulling all this stuff out of all the other drawers in the house
Bedroom is an eclectic show of his true personality, trains, monkeys, cars and Star Wars.  It is fine, I promise :)  I just step over the little bitty pieces and ignore the empty, yet, cute and efficient, storage containers.
Text people a few weeks before Christmas in order to get their address that I had not written down previously.  
Document on his blog that he is 37 inches tall and weights 30.5 pounds.  

Not sure what brought this up.  I swear never to compare my parenting style to others and I am very aware of all my strengths and weaknesses but I am just saying.  

Oh, BTW, Ben said the cutest thing tonight.  He had been crying because his Uncle Marcus was leaving.  Big B picked him up and Ben was crying on his shoulder.  Ben then said he needed me so I picked him up and Big B's shirt was wet from Ben's tears.  I told Ben that he did not need to cry and that we would see them all this weekend.  Ben then said "Big B will keep my tears safe."
Very sweet!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Preschool Program

Today's was Ben's last day of preschool for the season and their end of the year program.  Ben loves music and really shows out when given the chance.  His teachers were so wonderful this year and surely made it easier each day knowing he was in such good hands.  

His entire 2 year old class!

Singing a song about the Hungry Caterpillar with a few props!

Ben and Ms. Dea, the assistant!

Ben and Ms. Love!

Grandma Pat and Great Grandma Polly "Mema" were also there cheering him on!

Ben watched me the entire time, like he knew we were so proud of him.  When I picked him up to take him back to the room, he laid his head on my shoulder.  I asked him if he was tired and he said, "No, I just wanted to give you a hug".

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Apparently I have another son but did not know it...

Ben is really good at making conversation and telling stories.  Very good chats and imaginative stories well above his 3 years.  A few months ago, we were in a store and Ben started grabbing clothes off the racks.  He is normally well behaved and so I asked him if he liked those and wanted them for himself.  He said "no, they are for my brothers".  After a few minutes of arguing with my child, and losing, that he did not have brothers, I pulled him kicking and screaming out of the store.  Recently, he has settled down with just having 1 brother.  
Conversation we had in the tub last night:
I noticed a red pinchy (??) place on his leg and asked him where he got it.
Ben: "I got it at Brocks."
Me:  "Where"
Ben: " I went to Brock's house after school.
Me:  "Who is Brock"
B: "My brotha"
Me:  "You do not have a brother, I think I would know"
Ben:  You do, mommy.
Me:  "where does Brock live?"
Ben: "Spartanburg, sometimes Pauline..."
On and on the conversation went regarding his brother Brock, whose parents are named Buddsy and Bubbba.  Who was I to try and convince him otherwise??

It is amazing to hear him tell stories.  My favorite one is hearing him talk about his Pappa Eddie and taking a balloon to the clouds in the sky to check on him, even though he helps him sometimes.  Oh, the innocence of a child!

He makes my heart happy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I am so blessed this mother's day!!  I have a great son who is the light of my life, a wonderful mother, and a great grandmother.  Both my mom and and my mema are such great inspirations to me and so many other people and I strive everyday to be just like them.  
Being a good mother is one of the hardest things in the world to do, and I am honored that I was given the "job".  None of us are perfect, but we strive everyday to be the best mother that we can be and help mold our children into being the best they can be.  
Isn't everyday supposed to be Mother's Day??

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pre-summer vacation

This year we were fortunate to take a much needed mini vacation to the beach.  Benji, Ben and I went with my mom, brother, his girlfriend and my mema.  We rented a house at Ocean Lakes.  It was a perfect time to go because the weather was just right, there were no crowds, and we had nothing to do but play and relax.  

Ben and Benji on the beach.  It was cloudy and cool the first day, but it still beats working :)

Ben found a sand pile on the road beside the house.  Here, he is showing Uncle Scott the proper way to dig.

Ben was able to pick a new toy from the store because of his great pottying (?) skills.  He said he "needed" a mask so he could "dive" in the pool.  

Grandma Pat and Ben in the indoor pool.  Ben did great swimming in his super cool Spiderman swimmies.

One night we went to the Murrels Inlet Marsh Walk.  We explained to Ben that we were going to see some fishing boats.  He thought that we were going to see Pirates and Captains, so we were on a mission to find some.  

Ben and I at the Marsh Walk.  It was a little windy!

Daddy and Ben on the Marsh Walk

They found 1 pirate, but no captains.  All the boats were already in for the evening.  

They did find one big fish!

The next night, we did manage to find some pirates.  Here is Benji and Ben making their best pirate face.

Ben even managed to ride the pirate ship.  

The cars did not seem to be as much fun, or so it seems in this picture.  There was no smile because a few minutes before this picture was made and right after I bought the tickets for the ride, all the power went out.  We had to wait for them to come back on and we were all a little peeved.  No, we could not get a refund because the cash register could not be opened.  

Benji and Ben enjoying the VERY COLD Kiddie pool.  Ben thought that I said it was a Kittie pool and kept asking where the kitties were.  Cute!

Uncle Scott and Aunt Sherri