Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Apparently I have another son but did not know it...

Ben is really good at making conversation and telling stories.  Very good chats and imaginative stories well above his 3 years.  A few months ago, we were in a store and Ben started grabbing clothes off the racks.  He is normally well behaved and so I asked him if he liked those and wanted them for himself.  He said "no, they are for my brothers".  After a few minutes of arguing with my child, and losing, that he did not have brothers, I pulled him kicking and screaming out of the store.  Recently, he has settled down with just having 1 brother.  
Conversation we had in the tub last night:
I noticed a red pinchy (??) place on his leg and asked him where he got it.
Ben: "I got it at Brocks."
Me:  "Where"
Ben: " I went to Brock's house after school.
Me:  "Who is Brock"
B: "My brotha"
Me:  "You do not have a brother, I think I would know"
Ben:  You do, mommy.
Me:  "where does Brock live?"
Ben: "Spartanburg, sometimes Pauline..."
On and on the conversation went regarding his brother Brock, whose parents are named Buddsy and Bubbba.  Who was I to try and convince him otherwise??

It is amazing to hear him tell stories.  My favorite one is hearing him talk about his Pappa Eddie and taking a balloon to the clouds in the sky to check on him, even though he helps him sometimes.  Oh, the innocence of a child!

He makes my heart happy!

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