Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ben's Updates

My goals before Ben:
Start a fabulous scrapbook that would make even the best envious, full of pictures, locks of hair, lost teeth, etc. Spend weekly alone time each week filling this fabulous scrapbook.  
Buy new picture frames in order to change out more recent pictures for display.  Send out new pictures to family and friends on all occasions.  
Really use those cute growth charts to document height and weight. (of course spend time researching to make sure he is with the "norm".)
Work extra hard to keep everything organized, especially his toys, so that he would learn the importance of being neat. 
Decorate his bedroom for the next 18 years in all stuff Pottery Barn
Video all important things with new recorder and keep organized on both computer and on disk, labeled and easily accessible.  
Use artwork to decorate rooms

Goals Right After Ben:
Get a baby book to later transfer into a scrapbook.  I figured I would have some time and space soon .
Dust the new frames and update them as soon I get some "professional" ones made.  Update address list for annual Christmas cards.
At least get copies of the charts from the doctor for later documentation
Buy several pieces of cute Pottery Barn stuff, but wait until we move for the real good stuff
Video milestones, such as talking and walking with the video element on my camera since it is easier
Use artwork to cover up bad places on refrigerator

All pictures, artwork, milestones are stored in 1 BIG Rubbermaid box, that I am positive I will get to soon.  I will also start pulling all this stuff out of all the other drawers in the house
Bedroom is an eclectic show of his true personality, trains, monkeys, cars and Star Wars.  It is fine, I promise :)  I just step over the little bitty pieces and ignore the empty, yet, cute and efficient, storage containers.
Text people a few weeks before Christmas in order to get their address that I had not written down previously.  
Document on his blog that he is 37 inches tall and weights 30.5 pounds.  

Not sure what brought this up.  I swear never to compare my parenting style to others and I am very aware of all my strengths and weaknesses but I am just saying.  

Oh, BTW, Ben said the cutest thing tonight.  He had been crying because his Uncle Marcus was leaving.  Big B picked him up and Ben was crying on his shoulder.  Ben then said he needed me so I picked him up and Big B's shirt was wet from Ben's tears.  I told Ben that he did not need to cry and that we would see them all this weekend.  Ben then said "Big B will keep my tears safe."
Very sweet!

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