Thursday, May 28, 2009

I love a man with pretty teeth...

Seriously, I do.  This week has been a big week here in this household.  Ben has been exclusively in big boy underwear and is doing great.  So well, in fact, that most of the time I can find Ben sitting on the toilet doing his business and needing no help from mommy. As long as the lights are left on for him, he is not even telling me that he has to go, he just goes and does it. He even asks for the occasional magazine :)  I have been waiting for this day, and sure enough, when he was ready he did it.  Mommy has even ventured out in public with no fear of wet tush.  As great as this is for me, and my pocketbook, it is sad to see him growing up.  I have about 2 years to get moved to a place where he will start school.  GASP!!!!
Another big thing this week was Ben's first trip to the dentist.  Personally, I have a love hate relationship with the dentist.  I despised them when I was young because of those terrible flouride trays that made me gag.  After those were finished, I did not mind so much because I love the "after dentist" feel of clean teeth and the promise made to myself that I would floss more regularly.  Then around the age of 25, I got my first cavity and first filling.  The dentist that I had gone to my entire life had his son join the practice.  While preparing to fill my cavity, he kept missing the root for my novacaine and ended up giving me 9, yes 9, shots of the numbing agent.  By the time said dad, and apparent dentist who knows what he is doing, gave it to me, everything else on my body was numb.  I changed dentist quickly afterwards and started where Benji and his family have gone.  Even though the new dentist is not a pediatric specialist, they did a great job with Ben today. 

Pardon the quality of most of these pictures.  I REALLY need a new camera!!!
Big B and Ben in the waiting room.  

Sitting in the chair learning how the brush will tickle his teeth

He got to wear the paste on his finger.  He picked the Grape flavor.  I chose the Rasberry.

Getting a polish  

Getting some floss

Not really sure about the little mirror thing.  

Waiting for Dr. Dean to come in and count his teeth

Everything seems to be fine!

I told Ben that he might get a prize when the nurse finished.  When she did, Ben asked if could have a sucker.  It was funny!!  Ms. Linda said that they did not have suckers, but that he could pick something from the treasure box.  Ben's eyes got huge when she opened the box and told him to pick out a treasure.  He must have spent 10 minutes carefully choosing a prize, a plastic airplane.  
Seriously, he never cried or acted scared.  He was a little shy at first, because it was a new place and all the staff were making a fuss over him, but he quickly warmed up and gave all the ladies a wink on his way out.  

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