Thursday, November 19, 2009

Super Excited About Christmas

I have always been giddy at the sights and sounds of Christmas, and this year is no exception.  I am hoping to have all the shopping done by next weekend so that we can enjoy the holidays.  This will be our last year celebrating in this house, and while I am beyond excited about moving, it will be sad.  This will also be Ben's last Christmas as an only child and I want him to experience all that he can.
So far, Ben's favorite song is "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth".  Even though, Ben still has his front teeth, it is still cute and funny to hear him say "my 2 front teef".  He has also learned the words to "I'm getting nuttin for Christmas".  Probably because I taunt him with it at least 1x a day, but hey, whatever works.
In baby news, all tests have come back negative for any known defects.  I was not going to test, but since I apparently am in "advanced maternal age", my doctor strongly recommended it.  It would not have made a difference, but good to know.  We will finally know what we are having on December 10.  Not sure how and when we will tell everyone else, but...  I have no clues on names.  All the names I like do not go with our last name or Ben (example:  I love the name Harper for a little girl, but everyone will think I love Ben Harper, the singer).  He/she might not have a name until the last minute, but I guess that is when it really matters anyway.
I hope everyone has a Great Thanksgiving.  I seem to be spending it with ALOT of Benji's family and very little of mine, but that is more reason to get on home and get the tree up.  :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Mommy's back!!!

Thank goodness, that I am finally feeling human again.  This pregnancy has left me feeling anything but pretty and energized, but I think the bad days ( or 13 weeks) are behind me.  Thank goodness this was not like the pregnancy with Ben or he would definately be an only child.  Let's Compare...

Pregnant with Ben
Found out at 4 weeks
little nauseas, but was treated with sea bands and cold coke
Craved meat, meat and more meat (very unlike me)
Could eat or drink anything (except spaghetti)
mild heartburn
no headaches
no acne
LOVED being pregnant

This pregnant
no appetite whatsoever
STRONG gag reflex
all day nausea, no cure
On Zofran to help the nausea, which caused headaches and constipation (TMI)
BAD Headaches
Very Moody
Not really enjoying anything
complexion of a teenager
Was on progesterone for first trimester

I will add to the list as I think about things.  Anyway, I am very thankful for the blessing that will be next (and last) Lineberry.  We have a house to build and a baby to cook in the next few months and are looking forward to the Spring.  We should be able to find out what we are having in the next few weeks.  What do you think???

Halloween 2009

Halloween Party in Gaffney

Ben and Shelby with their painted pumpkins

Close up of Ben and Shelby and their pumpkins

Ben and his "scarecrows"

Bat Ben

Ben and his Mema

This year we had a great Halloween season.  We decorated the house (without anything scary, per Ben), he visited the pumpkin patch with his class, painted pumpkins with the neighbor, and Ben attended his first official Halloween party and trick or treating extravaganza.  We went trick or treating with some friends in downtown Gaffney.  Ben loved it and got lots of stuff.  We got wet on the way back in, but still had lots of fun!!!