Thursday, November 19, 2009

Super Excited About Christmas

I have always been giddy at the sights and sounds of Christmas, and this year is no exception.  I am hoping to have all the shopping done by next weekend so that we can enjoy the holidays.  This will be our last year celebrating in this house, and while I am beyond excited about moving, it will be sad.  This will also be Ben's last Christmas as an only child and I want him to experience all that he can.
So far, Ben's favorite song is "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth".  Even though, Ben still has his front teeth, it is still cute and funny to hear him say "my 2 front teef".  He has also learned the words to "I'm getting nuttin for Christmas".  Probably because I taunt him with it at least 1x a day, but hey, whatever works.
In baby news, all tests have come back negative for any known defects.  I was not going to test, but since I apparently am in "advanced maternal age", my doctor strongly recommended it.  It would not have made a difference, but good to know.  We will finally know what we are having on December 10.  Not sure how and when we will tell everyone else, but...  I have no clues on names.  All the names I like do not go with our last name or Ben (example:  I love the name Harper for a little girl, but everyone will think I love Ben Harper, the singer).  He/she might not have a name until the last minute, but I guess that is when it really matters anyway.
I hope everyone has a Great Thanksgiving.  I seem to be spending it with ALOT of Benji's family and very little of mine, but that is more reason to get on home and get the tree up.  :)

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Jackie Mc said...

FYI : I have never heard of Ben Harper , the singer . Does that tell my age and I do like the name Harper. You little boy is a doll. Thanks for letting me lurk on your blog.
Your old,old neighbor ,
Jackie mc