Wednesday, December 16, 2009

THOUGHTS by Ben Lineberry

Ben never ceases to amaze me.  He is so smart and has such a great sense of humor.  His personality has really developed and he is totally loveable by all.  Here are some recent conversations with him.

I truly believe that my Papa Eddie is Ben's guardian angel.  He died a year ago and Ben still vividly remembers him and talks about him daily.  The other day we were coming down the road and Ben was looking at the clouds.  He said " I see Papa Eddie"
I said "Well, kinda, he is in the sky with Jesus."
"No", Ben said, "He is looking at me from that cloud, see right there"
I said, "Well, he is also in your heart"
I, of course, could not see since it was on the other side of the car and I was driving, but I believe that Ben saw what he saw.

A few nights later, Ben and I were laying on the bed watching a movie
Ben rolled over and said "I do not want Big B to die" and started to cry
It caught me way off guard and I said "What did you say"
He repeated himself.
I said "Why do you think Big B will die, baby"
Ben said, "Because he is old."
By this time, he was really crying and I was too (call it hormones or whatever, but I am really weepy lately)
Me:  Everyone gets older, but that does not mean we will die (was not ready to discuss dying with my 3 year old at this point)
Ben:  I do not want Big B in my heart and I do not want to die either

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