Monday, May 4, 2009

Pre-summer vacation

This year we were fortunate to take a much needed mini vacation to the beach.  Benji, Ben and I went with my mom, brother, his girlfriend and my mema.  We rented a house at Ocean Lakes.  It was a perfect time to go because the weather was just right, there were no crowds, and we had nothing to do but play and relax.  

Ben and Benji on the beach.  It was cloudy and cool the first day, but it still beats working :)

Ben found a sand pile on the road beside the house.  Here, he is showing Uncle Scott the proper way to dig.

Ben was able to pick a new toy from the store because of his great pottying (?) skills.  He said he "needed" a mask so he could "dive" in the pool.  

Grandma Pat and Ben in the indoor pool.  Ben did great swimming in his super cool Spiderman swimmies.

One night we went to the Murrels Inlet Marsh Walk.  We explained to Ben that we were going to see some fishing boats.  He thought that we were going to see Pirates and Captains, so we were on a mission to find some.  

Ben and I at the Marsh Walk.  It was a little windy!

Daddy and Ben on the Marsh Walk

They found 1 pirate, but no captains.  All the boats were already in for the evening.  

They did find one big fish!

The next night, we did manage to find some pirates.  Here is Benji and Ben making their best pirate face.

Ben even managed to ride the pirate ship.  

The cars did not seem to be as much fun, or so it seems in this picture.  There was no smile because a few minutes before this picture was made and right after I bought the tickets for the ride, all the power went out.  We had to wait for them to come back on and we were all a little peeved.  No, we could not get a refund because the cash register could not be opened.  

Benji and Ben enjoying the VERY COLD Kiddie pool.  Ben thought that I said it was a Kittie pool and kept asking where the kitties were.  Cute!

Uncle Scott and Aunt Sherri

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BrownBag*Boutique said...

I love the picture at the top of this blog! Mom was so excited to run into your mom at the beach. She wants to make sure that when your mom comes into town they get together. Maybe we can all get together and go out to eat one night. Hope all is well