Sunday, September 7, 2008

Today was another day of open houses and neighborhood stalkings :)  I know one day we are going to get stopped because "there is this white tahoe that keeps driving really slow up and down the street".
We got a late start, so we did not make it into actual open houses, but we rode through a few neighborhoods in Moore and Roebuck.  I actually dislike the open houses because the realtors completely change their tone when you tell them that you actually do not want that house, but maybe one similiar and ask who the builder is/was!  Yes, I may be wasting their time, but how else in the world am I going to know what we really like.  As soon as I figure out how, I will start posting some pictures and thoughts on the houses.  This blog will be temporarily renamed "The L's are trying to build a house and are going crazy".
In addition, we have been planning on building behind my inlaws.  That way we are on the same side of the road for simple trips between the two for the kiddos (both big and small) and I love the land and trees behind there.  After much thought and the fact that the driveway and joining on for power, water, etc will be most of our building budget, we have decided to look into other possibilities.  As you can tell, we are in the beginning planning stage, but I want to be in a new house by Christmas 2009.  My white columns and front porch will look fabulous decorated for the holidays.  :)  
I have spent numerous hours researching builders and plans and have found that I like a few local builders.  I am planning on meeting with them soon to discuss this plan that I have in my head.  Any suggestions on builders is appreciated!!!   

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