Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday Tirade

At lunch, I am watching some reports reporting from Houston, TX. They are at a food pick up point and are interviewing the hundreds of people that are waiting for food and water. The one lady they interview got me thinking. **WARNING** Most readers to this blog are not going to agree with what I have to say about this topic!!
The one "chosen" to be interviewed could not understand or speak English. The reporter (Fox News) had to repeat the questions several times. The woman was in line with several children and was obviously upset over the way the food pick up was being handled. She was very angry with FEMA because she had to stand in line to get water and no one was showing up at her house to fix the hole in the roof and she had no gas and....on and on and on!! She was also quick to mention that only Hispanics and Blacks were in the line.
Now, before you mistake me for someone with no empathy on mankind, please know that I do sincerely care and are concerned for those in the hurricane's path. However, I believe that it is your own responsibility to make sure your family is taken care of in the event of a disaster. The hurricane was predicted for approximately 2 weeks before it hit. That was ample time to prepare. Some people financially could not leave, I understand that, however being prepared is the key to survival. Why is she waiting on a federal agency to come and fix the hole in her roof?? Is that really their respsonsibility when entire neighborhoods are gone? Get a tarp! Better yet, get a hammer and some nails and fix it yourself. Stop complaining that all you are getting is ice, ice can go along way. Maybe you should have filled up your car before the storm came through "in the event" that something would affect the gas lines and prices. Come on people, use some basic sense. Around here, people panicked so much that they were filling up their cars, lawnmowers, cars that have not been driven in years, and coffee cans. No wonder there was no gas!!! I filled up on Wednesday for the low low price of $3.39 and am still driving around on that same tank. I wanted to honk at all the people waiting in line for hours on Friday. Just a small honk and little friendly wave.
Anyway, I guess I am heartless and mean. For a living, I counsel unemeployed and underemployed people on proper career choices. The majority of the people I deal with always have an excuse about why they are in the shape they are in. Some are legit, the companies are not hiring, I need more skills to keep up, etc. Some of the people just have bad attitudes and there is no wonder they are where they are. The last few are always blaming others on their misfortune and these are the people that I have so sympathy or empathy (as my boss likes to use) for. No one wants to take responsibilty for their own lives!!! Why??
I have made my share of my mistakes in my life and am still paying for some of them. But I know, that I am making decsions based on what is right for my family. I am a law abiding, working citizen who does her best to make the world a better place.
The post has been a ramble and an apparent display of my ADD, but I feel better now.


Stacy said...

I totally agree.I understand the lady thinks her hole is the most important but there are people still missing.I didn't think they came and patched roofs anyway.And if I couldn't have left I would have had plenty of water and supplies for my family.I hate it when people act like they have no control over their lives!!!

Michelle said...

I can't believe that Charlotte is living outside your house and her brother was at mine! That is one thing about the fall there are Charlottes everywhere!