Thursday, October 23, 2008


after the shock and moment of stress, I am excited about being pregnant and giving Ben a little brother or sister. With Ben, I knew the day my period was late, that I was pregnant. Even though, my period is never regular, something told me to take a test. Maybe it was because it was Labor Day, maybe because it was around Benji's birthday and I knew it would be a great gift, or maybe just because I wanted to be. After taking 4 tests, I got my answer and months later I got the best gift ever, Ben. This time, I honestly had no clue. We (I) had wanted to wait another year or so, but apparently the timing is right for us now. So, we will have another baby on or around June 8, 2009.
Ben was due May 08, 2006, but came on April 25. This baby will come early (thanks to a previous C-section), so their birthdays will be about a month apart. This will be perfect if the second child is a boy, considering I still have all Ben's clothes.
So far, I have not had any morning sickness or issues, unlike with Ben I was sick 20 hours of the day by this time. I saw the nurse yesterday and go back on Nov 7 to meet with the doctor. Of course, I will know more then, but I am about 8 weeks now. Please keep us in your thoughts as my blood pressure was high during my last pregancy and the last months were spent hooked up to monitors measuring his heart rate, and this was very stressful. I loved being pregnant with Ben despite all the sickness and other issues, and I am hoping for the same experience this time.
This blog was mainly started to keep my mom and long lost friends informed of Ben, but now it will also serve as a record for this pregnancy.


Stacy said...

Congratulations!! Hopefully things will go better with your bp this time!

Michelle said...

Congrats.....yea:) Is that why you missed class:)