Friday, January 22, 2010

Apparently baby girl is super sweet

As mommy has gestational diabetes.  I have always been borderline and considering both my parents and grandfathers are (were) diabetic,  I guess things could be worse.  This entire pregnancy I have craved sweets, but once I ate them, I had this terrible taste in my mouth and felt bad.  On the day of my 1 hour test, I did not know that I would be taking the test, but since I had skipped supper the night before (still queasy) and had not yet had breakfast, I knew there was no way I could fail.  WRONG!!!  I really failed (think macro economics in college fail).  They sent for the 3 hour test a few days later.  I followed the diet that was prescribed and felt confident that the drs made a mistake and that I was fine.  WRONG again!!!  Apparently, I (we) wake up sweet and nothing much wants to make me less.  So here I am, after meeting with the diabetes educator and dietician,  the proud owner of 1 glucose machine and lots of needles and testing strips, and one who must check their sugar 4 x a day, watch my diet and document everything.  It is fun!  Hopefully, this will end when baby girl arrives into the work on or around April 13, 2010.

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Stacy said...

Aw,no fun at all!! My sister's went away after she had the twins.