Saturday, January 9, 2010

House Building

Unfortunately, I have no pictures to show right now, but the ground has been broken on the Lineberry Cottage.  Our builder started right around Christmas, hoping for some dry and warmer weather.  Well, after getting about 4 trucks stuck, we have a partial driveway (will be complete when house is done), a concrete pad and the beginnings of a foundation.  We also, apparently, have something many people are willing to buy because there have numerous calls and ride bys from people inquiring about the property.  We have Duke Power coming out next week for some power.  We REALLY need some dryer and WARMER days to get a good start on this house, so if there is anything you can do we would greatly appreciate it.
My plan, and dream, is to be able to move in while I am out on maternity leave.

UPDATE- We have a few pictures

Builder's sign at the end of the driveway.  Not sure why people mistake this for a For Sale sign.

The beginning of the looonnnnggg driveway

Still on the drive but almost to the house


Not sure, but it looks important

The view from where the garage will be.

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