Sunday, November 2, 2008

Some Halloween fun

Since we had celebrated Halloween week with a party on Saturday, Trunk or Treat on Wednesday, and a party and parade on Friday morning, needless to say, we (benji and I), were candied out by Halloween night.  We decided to take advantage of possible the last year when Ben did not ask to go trick or treating and remain low key.  We started out at Publix.  

They had early trick or treating with lots of candy, cookies, and coloring pages.  Employees were dressed up and Ben had a great time getting to walk through the store and pick out his candy. 
 After that, we drove to the westside of town to go see the great grandparents.  First stop was Grandma Sara's house.  She is Benji's grandmother.  She was waiting patiently for Captain Ben to arrive and gave lots of candy, prizes and hugs.  We stayed there for a few minutes, because Ben said that he "needed" a cookie and to rest.  Then we went to Great Grandparents Polly and Eddie, my grandparents.  Here, Uncle Scott and Papa Randy met up with us for Captain Ben's instructions.  More candy, more treats, and lots more hugs.  
We were able to get home by 10 and Ben only managed to eat 1 sucker, 1 cookie, and 1 pack of fruit snacks.  Thank goodness he was worn out and went straight to bed.  The remainder of his candy is hiding and hopefully I can find something constructive to do with it.  

Ben showing the neighbors his pirate face!

Taking a break at Grandma Sara's

Eating some fruit snacks.  His only "candy choice"

Benji playing with the fake alligator from Mema Polly

We had a great Halloween.  Ben was so excited to be a pirate, and it was fun to watch him.  
Now, that it is over...out with the Christmas music ;)

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