Thursday, November 13, 2008

Funny Stories

One of Ben's many obsessions is with pirates.  The other night we are all eating at a restaurant and Ben was sitting on the end facing the door.  I just happened to look up towards the door and I saw a man coming in with an eye patch.  I chuckled to myself because I knew what was going to happen next.  
Ben:  "Look, mommy a pirate!" as he pointed and stared at the man.
Thank goodness the man did not hear Ben, although he seemed like a nice man and probably would have had a laugh also.  

Ben was riding in the car with Big B and Nana the other day and listening to their conversation.  Big B mentioned that he did not know something had moved and said "Well, I be dog-gone.  
Ben asked "where that puppy go??

I bought a new Christmas CD the other day and decided to play it in the car coming home tonight.  As I was listening to the songs, I quickly realized that apparently I had bought one without words and it was all Symphony/Instrumental.  I said to Benji, in a very low voice, that I was going to have to get another one since there were no words.
Ben, halfway asleep in the back seat, perked up to ask "where's the words?  I do not like songs with no words".
Nothing gets by him!
I swear Ben is the funniest 2 year old I know.  I wonder where he gets his humor from???!!!!

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