Sunday, June 21, 2009

Griswald, I mean Lineberry, family Vacation 2009

Every year, we go with Benji's parents to the beach. This year it was extra nice because Angie, my future sister in law, and her fabulous kids went with us. It truly was a week of relaxation. No alarm clocks, no schedules, just doing what we wanted when we wanted.

The view from our porch. We have stayed at this particular house in Ocean Lakes before. We love it because the 2 porches hang over the lake and it is fun to fish and watch the ducks.

Ben and Benji on the golf cart.

Ben loved going to the arcade. Even though, he technically could only play a few games, he thought he was a big kid. Here he is "playing" the shoot the ducks game.

Benji and Ben in the pool

Benji and I at Margaritaville

We had date night on Thursday. Here is my brother in law, Marcus and my future sister in law Angie, at Margaritaville.

We decided to eat a Margaritaville the same night that we were going to Croccodile Rocks, my all time favorite bar. Even though none of us are Jimmy Buffet fans, it seemed like a cool place. We got there at 415 and were told that it would be a 2 hour wait. We knew that we wanted to be at Croccodile Rocks by 7, but we put our name down anyway. We then discovered that the back porch area is first come first served, and walked and waited in that line. We had a table in less than 45 minutes. It was a pretty fun place. There were lots of activities for the kids and Buffet music pouring from the speakers. One of the neat things was this giant Hurricane that came from the ceiling everytime the song "Hurricane" was played. A giant Tequila bottle came from the hurricane and poured into this huge blender. I wanted a picture but there were too may people. The food was okay, but our service and strawberry margueritas were awesome. Pretty sure it would not have been worth the 2 hour wait, but not bad with the 45 minute.

Man on stilts who made balloon creatures

A picture from our seats at Croccodile Rocks. This is a dueling piano bar, that is actually pretty raunchy, but totally fun.

Ben and the kids stayed with Big B and Nana and played putt putt and got ice cream. I will post those pictures as soon as I get them.

One night we all went to Family Kingdom. When I was younger, FK was kinda the baebae Pavillion and we never went there. Well, it has really taken off since the Pavillion has been torn down. There is no admission charge, you only pay to ride rides. The games are affordable, I spent $10.00 and Ben won 4 prizes, and the kids had a blast.

Ben and the Pick a Duck game. He won a frog.

Ben and the fishing game. He won 2 dinosaurs and a lobster.

Benji, Ben and Morgan on the Antique cars. Yes, Benji looks way happy!

Ben and Morgan

Ben and I on the Merry Go Round. Ben said the horses go too fast and he just wanted to sit on the bench. That was fine with me, since apparently I get motion sickness now.

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The Hollis Family said...

It looks like ya'll had a great time! I'm jealous of the prime view of the Lake in Ocean Lakes from your porch! :-) We are skipping the beach trip since we went to Disney, but I keep telling Jon that we might need a short weekend trip just refresh my soul with a little salt air! :-) Ben is a super cutie- he is getting so big!