Saturday, June 6, 2009

Look out Chad Smith,

You might soon have a replacement.  Our friends, PA and Trevor, own a fabulous music store in Boiling Springs.  If you are ever in need for equipment or supplies, definately see them first.  Today they sponsored a customer appreciation day type celebration and had bands playing in the parking lot.  Our friend, John, (who happens to be the father of one special lady in Ben's life, Sidney) was playing with his new band so we went to check them out.  We had a lot of fun.  Ben wanted to play inside the whole time because he was able to rock out on a great set of drums.  

He liked these first, since they were green.  He practiced a little, but there was no stool.  

He watched Sidney play.

Sidney handing the sticks to Ben

Telling daddy that he can do it by himself

Our own little prodigy

I tried to upload a video, but it takes too long.  Maybe later.

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