Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Carly's rant

So, of course the news all over the country today revolved around the Governor's mysterious trip and his affair. For most of us, we said he was having affair starting Monday when they said he was missing. So, here is my question, why do the men who have fabulous kids, a fabulous wife, a job (it might be stressful but it is better than not having one) and seem to be happy feel the need to have just a little bit more...then a little bit more. In the last few years, I know several guys (we will not call them real men) who seriously had it all, but seemed to think the grass might be a little greener on the other side and decided to stray. These are married adults whose wives are great and overall were happy, but for some reason found someone else to satisfy all their sexual "needs". Yes, most of them were all caught and for most of them their wives have decided to try and make it work. I am just concerned with the loss of old fashion values and morals. No one is perfect and no marriage is perfect, but when you say your vows, aren't you committing to that person forever. Not until things get tough or something better comes along, but forever. Sure it takes work by both parties, sometimes hard work, but a little hard work has never killed anyone. Things are not supposed to come too easy. If after trying everything, then get a divorce. They are costly... and final. No more sorry excuses of why you were there or why you bought this or why there was a "phone number I have never heard of" on your phone. Cut ties and move on. Believe me, it is better for the kids to live apart than live a lie. It took my parents 18 years and years of lies to finally end things and that was after lie after lie was made to make one look better than the other. Such childish drama. I know that I have many faults, but I will always be loyal to the ones I love. But I know sometimes that it is not enough!!
I put a little rant on my facebook and was reminded that he is like all others, a sinner saved by grace. That is great, hopefully he is saved and will walk through the Pearly Gates when he dies. But what happens to him now?? What about his family?? Do people not care because they are so selfish and self absorbed and know they can do now and repent later??
I guess I just need to tell me that this world is truly not going to hell in a handbasket and that there is hope. That all people are not all bad and that there is hope for optimists like me.

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