Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ben's been quiet this last week

There is not much going on this week in the Lineberry household. Mommy has been working, alot, and daddy has been Ben's favorite fort builder. Ben has been enjoying the lazy days of summer at his Big B's and Nanna's house and has definately kept them busy. He will start back to preschool in a few weeks, so they are enjoying the time together. Speaking of preschool, for the last 2 years Ben has gone to preschool and stayed later in the day until Big B got out of school and was able to pick him up. This did prevent Ben from having to stay until 530 when I could pick him up. Well, Big B and Nanna finally retired, and so this year Ben will get picked up at 1145 each morning. Ben misses his friends, he talks about them every morning when we pass the school, so I know he will have fun at preschool this year. He will still get lots of Big B and nanna loving too, until mommy can get there after work.
We are working on potty training. Any hints or suggestions are appreciated! He was doing well back in the winter, and we thought that it was going to be easy and he would be trained by 2. Wrong!! Since then, he has been wearing pull-ups, but I might as well go back and buy diapers. He can tell me while he is doing it or afterwards, but not before it happens. I may be the guilty one and probably have not put him on the potty like I should. I bought some cute Mickey Mouse underoos as a bribe, so maybe those will work.
All I know is that I am looking forward to some cooler air. I normally love hot weather, but lately I have been feeling like we live in the Sahara. Also cooler air means my anniversary (5 years), trips to the moutains, my birthday, Halloween and the pre-holiday moods. I am giddy with excitement!
That is all for now. I will update later and add some pictures. Ben really needs a haircut and I could use some color, so we must get those required items before taking new pictures.

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