Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ben knows his classic rock!

I am always, and always have, talking to Ben. Mostly about random stuff, in the car we discuss the color of the lights and the other cars, at home we discuss what he did that day and what we are going to do tomorrow. You know I like to talk, and now it is not just to myself. Anyway, here are a few recent discussion with Ben.

Me: I think it is time to go night night. We can play up stairs for a few minutes

B: Actually, mommy I play downstairs

Next night:

Me: I think it is time for sleep. Mommy is tired and has to work tomorrow.

B: That is my favorite job.

Me: What is B?

B: sleep

As we are walking up the stairs that night B mentions that Newa (??) is scary and he does not like her. I cannot figure out for the life of me who he is talking about. He says it is not a new friend at school or on his movies. He said it is on the computer.
I still have no clue what he is saying.
I start to put him in his bed and he is still talking about Newa?? He proceeds to start singing..."I'm back in the Newa groo and plays air guitar on his belly. I called Benji, the master music man, up there for some clarification on the song. Ben is still singing and talking about the scary lady. We finally realize after a few minutes that this is what he is talking about.
Benji was watching the video on you tube last week and was singing along and playing his own air drums. Ben was watching and singing along. I have no clue what reminded him of it, but it was so funny...and smart. Of course, Benji is proud of his 2 year old music prodigy and I am proud that I can honestly say that he is smart. He is a 2 year old who knows his entire name (first, middle, and last), the alphabet, his numbers to 10, most shapes, most opposites, the kinds of cars that his family drives, he has a great memory and now knows 70 's classic rock. Aren't kids amazing???

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brownbagboutique said...

Even I don't know that song! And I kinda have to agree, Newa is a little scary!