Thursday, August 14, 2008

As I write this to update some pictures, Ben is going through the house singing "me is chi-a-ne-ese if you ple-ease" over and over again. His new favorite movie is "Lady and the Tramp", i think he has only watched it a million times. He normally watches it during the day at Big B's house, but today wanted to bring it home. At least it gives me an excuse to watch some of the cartoons that I have not seen in years. Thank goodness we do not have a VCR and we only have Fox and the Hound on VHS. "Mommy, why are you's ok mommy"
Anyway, here are a few pictures from last weekend. We took a small and inexpensive tour of the town. We started out at our favorite mexican restaurant where Ben continued to ask, "Where's Chica" since his spanish girlfriend had the night off. We then left there and went to the park. We were having a good time (no bugs this week) when "those kids" showed up. You know the ones where the mother lets the children run wild while she sits on the bench oblivious to the fact that they might get hurt. As she proceeded to talk on the phone, her children were going up the slide (while Ben was trying to come down), running and spreading the neat mulch that had been layed down, throwing sticks and talking WAY TOO MUCH to me. Now, I like kids, most kids, but these were the ones that apparently no one talked to because they had a lot to say to me and their mother was none too worried that we were a bunch of crazy kidnappers hanging out at the park. "Did you know..."-yes, I do and that is why we do not do that, "Don't go down the pole you will get blisters"= really??!!, "Did you see how fast I can run"- I could not help it since you about plowed down my child. How fast can you run as I come to whip your butt for not letting my child play? Needless to say, we left the park and proceeded to the next cheap outing, the duck pond. Do you know how much fun you can have there with a $2.00 bag of bread and some stale goldfish?? As we were being run off at 8:00, thanks to the shady characters who like to hang out after dark, Ben informed us that he wanted a doughnut. I told him that we did not need a doughnut. Ben said, "uncle Scott took me to get one." Guess who went to Krispy Kreme? We were just in time to watch the magic that is doughnut making, and after waiting so patiently, the doughnut maker pulled a hot one off the belt and gave it to Ben. Ben also got a hat and felt very important. None of the other kids watching got a free doughnut, and I bet it is because their mother forgot to put on their pants and shoes. Maybe it is because she also forgot to wash them. Well, that is ok, with another one on the way, maybe she will get it right. UGGGHHH!!!

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