Friday, August 8, 2008

Remember When...

Remember when you were younger (probably a teenager) and even though you loved your parents, you vowed not to be like them or do the same things with your kids as they did with you. Well, I do.
Fast forward to adulthood and parenthood. A few weeks ago I was my mom all over (I love you Pat). We were heading out the door to go somewhere and I put Ben in his carseat. It was hot, very, and I had my hands full with his bag, my bag, toys, etc. I finally got the wiggle worm strapped in his car seat when I noticed he had some red sticky stuff on his face, I think it was ketchup. What did I do? Without even thinking, I licked my finger and proceeded to wipe it off his face. I caught myself in mid-clean and realized I was doing the exact same thing I disliked my mom doing. Arggh!!!
I also realize that I sound like my mom a lot of the times (still love you Pat). The last week or so, Ben has wanted to play before going to bed at night. Since most of his toys are in his room, it is difficult to convince him that he does not need to play, but sleep instead. I have caught myself taking him upstairs for bed and saying "ok, you have 5 minutes to play". Of course, he has no concept of time and I wonder if that 5 minutes actually means something or if that is just the universal time all parents give their children. Anyway, after several nights of "You have 5 minutes", last night after his bath he had a choice. He could watch a movie, play downstairs or play in his room (all for 5 minutes :)) He chose to build a fort and cut grass (hardwood grass). After playing way past his bedtime, I told him it was time for night-night and what did he do? Yep,he said "No, mommy, no I got 5 minutes..." I love him!

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Michelle said...

You are so right. We turn into our parents over night. I even spit in my hand and pat down Emily's hair with it. What a great hair spray. We lived through it though so can they! Just reminds us everyday what great parents we had!