Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ben's Weekend!

This was another weekend where mommy had a full weekend. I had to work 9-3 on saturday. Since it rained, it was not so bad and ben and daddy spent the morning and early afternoon being lazy. Once I got home, we went to dinner, to the park and to get ice cream. We did not get to stay long at the park because the mosquitos were out in full force. Ben does not react well to bites (see pics a few posts down), so we had to drag him kicking and screaming to the car with the promise of purple dinosaur ice cream. We were at the park for about 10 minutes, and Ben still managed to get bit about 6 times, including on his ear and forehead. We stopped for ice cream and Ben was so happy with his flavor. When you order purple dinosaur ice cream from Brewster's, then give kids purple ice cream (tastes like vanilla) with green sprinkles and 2 candy eyes. Ben thought it was the greatest thing, but being as sweet as he is, did not want to eat it at first, because he "did not want to hurt it".

At the park (pre-bite)

Yes, he was up to something!

On sunday, Ben and I had lunch and headed to the 2nd birthday party for Miss Emily. Ben was excited to go and play, however, he did not understand that even though Emily was at his party and her party was at the same place, that it was not his birthday party. He asked where his Thomas the Train cake was and when he got is slice of the cake, he asked me where his candle was. Too cute!! We had a great time, but Ben was much braver today than at his party. Maybe because at his party, he had lots of help in going up and down the slide and through the obstacle course. Today, since daddy was not there, I was tired after about 10 trips up and down and in and out. Finally, Ben looked at me (and with the finger shaking he does) and said "Mommy, you stay right there, I can do it by myself." I was happy not to have to go back on the slide, but then it hit me that my little boy is growing up way too fast. I let him do it a few times by himself, then went with him again, to prove to him that he will always need my help :)

Which one of us looks like we love the slide??

He was also a perfect gentleman to Emily today. Of course, one of the favorite toys at the party was a car. There were only 2 for all the kids, so they had to learn to share :) Emily got out of hers, so Ben jumped in. Emily came back to get in. Ben opened the door and scooted over and patted the seat and asked her to sit down. She did and off they were. They quickly learned that it is not a car made for 2, so Ben got out and pushed the little lady to their destination. I do not think Emily's mommy saw this, but her daddy did. I only hope he remembers this if they ever start to date.


Michelle said...

Too cute. I am glad you got some good shots of them. I didn't have any of them together! He was so sweet. Amazing how fast they determine they don't need us:) We always have to correct them on that!
Thanks for coming and the gifts. I love the worm book!

The Greene Family said...

He just keeps getting cuter! I think Brady and Ben could pass for brothers with their little blonde heads.