Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy News

A great and dear friend of mine and her husband have been unable to have children and have been trying for many years. They placed their name on several adoption lists and have been praying for a baby for 3 years. Well, pretty much overnight they were informed that had been chosen by a lady (here in the upstate) for an adoption. They were told last week of the news, the baby girl was born yesterday, and was welcomed home this morning. Congratulations Christi and Nathan and Seren Mason!!! We cannot wait to meet you!!

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The Greene Family said...

Didn't know about Christi and Nathan! So happy for them! Can't wait to tell Jeff Tell them we are so excited and if they need anything we're literally right down the street. Do you know which agency they went through? Maybe I'll talk to her for info once they get adjusted to parent hood (which is never) Praise to Him!!