Friday, July 25, 2008

Ben's Been to the Movies

I had class all day last saturday. Benji and his daddy wanted to venture out and take Ben to the movies to see WAll-E. I was secretly glad not to have to take him to see that particular movie because 1- I have no interest in robots, science fiction, or star-wars-esque shows and 2- Reviews had shown that it was not that good of a movie. Benji and his dad (and apparently Ben) love that nerdy, star-wars, robot "stuff", so it was right up their alley. For a 2 year old, they said (and they would be honest) Ben was great up until about 15 left in the movie. then he decided that he wanted to get out of the seat and climb the stairs. Of course, that is about the time Benji would have started sweating and getting nervous, but it all turned out ok. Goldfish, sprite and Wall-E kept Ben happy for a good long time.
If anything, Ben has learned how to fill a cup from a drink dispenser. All weekend, whenever he had a cup, he would stick it under something (his chair, the table) and make a WHOO noise. I could not figure out what he was doing. So I said, "Ben, what are you doing with your drink, baby?" Ben said, "I put Sprite in it". Oh, duh, I thought!

BENJI and BEN and the ever so manly bag

Sitting in the seat while daddy fills up Ben's cup.

Benji and Ben in the lobby waiting on Big B and the movie to end. (notice the looks on their faces)

Again, in the lobby with the same looks!

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