Sunday, July 6, 2008

We're Back!

I will post some pictures later, but I wanted to summarize our family trip!

1- We had a great time. Between my mother and my in-laws, i think I only had to change one diaper. There were plenty of people willing to step in and give me a week with really nothing to do, but work on my tan. They, of course, enjoyed their time with the only grandchild and Ben kept us all entertained. In the past (pre Ben), my mother has attended some of my vacations with the inlaws. Well, this was the first year with Ben and wow was it something! Please understand that I am very fortunate for my family and all that Benji's family have done for us, but this past week was an eye opener in seeing how different the 2 families are. I am not going to post specifics, because I am not sure who exactly reads this, but there are some aggravating, yet funny stories to share if you ever want to laugh.

2. We stayed at Ocean Lakes. This is a great place for families, because there is so much to do. Ben did not care near as much about the beach as he did riding around on the golf cart. It was crowded, but we all enjoyed it. Here is my complaint, though. It clearly states in the Ocean Lakes golf cart rules, that you must be at least 16 and a licensed driver to drive the carts. If any of you have been there in the past, I can remember many of people my age and older getting stopped by security and asked for a valid license. I actually would appreciate that now. Anyway, My mom and Ben were riding with me on the cart one crowded evening and we were in stop and go traffic and apparently, in the cruising line. We were stopped behind some cars and I saw a lady I knew walking towards me. I waited for a few seconds so that I could pull over and speak with her. I heard the young girl on the cart behind me say something to the effect of "Ugh, she needs to like move", talking about me. As I was just about to pull over, she comes around to pass me. Please know that there were 2 lanes, going both ways, and there was not enough room for her to pass. She attempts to pass me, but not before side swiping my golf cart. The loud boom was heard by many people. Before I could get off and check the damage to both my passengers and the rented golf cart, she was back on the road making her way to points unknown. As she got a few yards a head of me, I saw her parents on the back of the golf cart and the daddy mouthed to me "Sorry". Now, are her parents so spineless and redneck that they can not make their daughter stop? It was a hit and run for pete's sake. I know that the problems of most of the rude teenagers these days are because of their parents' lack of parenting skills, but geez!!! I should have followed her, gave her a piece of mind with a few choice words, and called security so that they would lose cart priveledges. However, we were on the world's slowest cart and she was on the suped-up customized one that was much faster. By the time I realized what happened, she was long gone. I let her have it from a far, though!

3. We were on the beach and a little girl, probably 5 or so, walked by me with a Juice couture bathing suit on. It was the string type and had the words JUICY written across her behind. She was five!

4. I no longer feel bad about myself in a bathing suit. I like to hide my rolls in a nice modest swim dress. Others like to lose their suits in their rolls.

5. I now remember why I do not have a tattoo or the desire to get one. Now, i think some within reason are nice and I am certainly no prude. However, I saw many on people that must have been done by a child with a crayon. They were on the girls backs so even they probably do not know how bad they look. And I saw an older lady, around 70 or so, with 2 ankle tattoos. She looked stupid! All the young girls with crappy tattoos are going to looks nuts at her age, too.

6. A few weeks ago, Ben wanted a fake snake from Cracker Barrell. My dad bought it for him, since I hate snakes and would not let him have it. It was the kind that you can hold at the back and its head moves back and forth like a real snake. It is creepy. Anyway, on the way home that night I kept telling Ben that we were going to scare daddy with it, since Benji also does not like snakes. Afterwards, Ben told everyone that he scared his daddy with it. We were sitting at the seafood place at the beach and Ben was making eyes with the little girl at the table beside us. She was waving and Ben was grinning, it was cute. I asked Ben what he was doing and he said that he wanted to scare the girl with his snake. I said " you probably will one day". He is growing up too fast.

I will add to this more this week. I have been off work for 10 days and need to get ready to go back tomorrow. I will also add some of the cute pictures from the week.


Michelle said...

I can't believe you didn't stop that girl on the golf cart. We are going to ocean lakes this friday..can't wait. I love it there and Emily loves the golf cart..she did last year!
I can't wait to see your pictures. Glad you had a good time and were out of work soooo long.

The Hollis Family said...

I love your blog. I laughed so hard at the "snake" comment that I almost cried. Ben is a doll baby. I'm jealous of the trip to Sara J's; I swear that place has the best seafood and atmosphere in Myrtle Beach! The teenage girl on the golf cart needs new parents; now I appreciate the fact that my parents put the fear of God in me at young age about being respectful! :-)