Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Iron Man is 4!

It is hard to believe that my "baby" was 4 on Sunday.  He tells me that even though we have a new baby he will always be my baby.  I'll remind him of that in a few years.  We celebrated his birthday the entire week before.
On Tuesday, Chick Fil A had their birthday club party and that meant a free kids meal for Ben.  We went there and played on the play ground and had some free ice cream.  On Thursday, Benji and I picked him up from school and went to the park for some outdoor fun.  We all went to Wades for dinner and the wait staff sang Happy Birthday to Ben and he got more free ice cream.  His party was on Saturday at the Camp Croft fire department.  It was a big hit.  We had more celebrating on Sunday down at his Big B's and Nana's since that was his actual birthday.

At the park.  He was only still long enough for this pose!

By this time, Reese had been drinking too much to enjoy the festivities!

Being silly with his ice cream at Wades

Future Mrs. Victoria Lineberry

Explaining how to put on the fire suit

The whole gang

Ben's Cake

I think I need more cake!

Casey. the search and rescue dog. 

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