Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy 4 weeks Reese

Well, life is just flying by.  Reese is 4 weeks old today, 2 days from being a whole month old!!!
Some interesting tidbits about the Misses.

  • As of last Wednesday, April 7, 2010, Reese weighed 6 pounds and 8.5 ounces.  
  • She was diagnosed on that date as having Reflux and was prescribed Zantac.  I took to the dr because of congestion.  I then self diagnosed her and took her off Neo Sure (the preemie formula) and put her back on the regular.  She has been totally different and much better since.  
  • She is steadily practicing for future swim meets.  She loves to push off your legs or hands with her feet.  If she is laying down, she is in constant motion
  • She is totally involved in conversations, knowing they mostly are about her.  If she is laying on one side, she will pick her head up and move it to the other side, almost as to say "Here is my opinion"
  • She loves to beheld and loved on.  She loves you to hold her up on your chest and she gets in that frog position and is fast asleep.  Except, between 2-4 am, when she loves to be awake.  
  • She has officially learned how to grip long hair.  
  • She is still mostly drinking 2 ounces, but sometimes more
  • She is a Pampers kind of girl.  
  • Her big brother is smitten with her, along with the rest of us.  
  • She is a total joy!!

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